Comedian Cardi B and exclusive funny sounds on live broadcast

As expected of an artist named Cardi B

During the epidemic raging in Europe , artists encountered many difficulties in daily life due to service delays . One of the strongly affected names that the audience updated was female rapper Cardi B with a series of bad and bad stories.


Since entering quarantine, the female artist has had a much more intense livestream . The live broadcasts from Cardi B’s “station” make the audience “laugh” with a variety of topics ranging from: talk shows. running for president through culinary programs and even fashion shows like no other.

Exclusive sounds bearing Cardi B’s name

In the early days of the pandemic break, she seemed quite excited when she called White House candidate Bernie Sanders to express her support for the Democratic politician in the upcoming election.

Cardi B calls and chats with candidate Bernie Sanders

Before the conversation, she surprised fans by using her trademark nails to peel a “delicious” mango. Everyone had to be “A-eyed” when they didn’t expect her cumbersome nail set to have such “genuine” effects.

Her emotional state also changes continuously according to Mubank. Just the other day, she was crying and sobbing while eating cereal on the livestream because she was so hungry for Sushi that she was depressed.

The next meal, she felt refreshed again when enjoying the Vietnamese brand Shrimp and Stir-Fried Okra Salad.

Even with makeup, she’s still lazy to do her hair…

Recently, she also showed fans a new use right on her livestream by ironing her hair instead of a common straightener.

Luckily, fans were relieved right after because her big play didn’t leave any memorable consequences, otherwise fans would have had another scene of laughter until tears. No wonder the fan community calls the female rapper the “people’s comedian” of US-UK with her unique jokes.