Funny story: the female singer plays her music on livestream and ends up being copyrighted by Instagram

This female singer just made her fans laugh and cry when Instagram copyrighted her own song while she was livestreaming.

During the Covid-19 pandemic , like many other artists, Cardi B had to limit going out and close all of her music products. Because she has a lot of free time, Cardi B from a famous female rapper in Hollywood suddenly became a “livestream saint” when every few days she opened a livestream to chat with her fans. . Perhaps because of her “saltiness” she was given a new nickname: “Comedian” Cardi B!

Funny story: the female singer plays her music on livestream and ends up being copyrighted by Instagram -1
“Livestream saint” Cardi B. (Character FB photo)

As usual, “comedian” Cardi B recently had a livestream on Instagram, continuing her long, never-ending livestream series. This time, the topic Cardi B chose to livestream was not food, fashion or tips at all, it was simply turning on music and “dancing”.

However, while livestreaming, performing a “comedy” with her song in the background, Cardi B had her livestream deleted by Instagram on the grounds of copyright infringement, causing her to freeze for 3 seconds and blurt out: ” What the hell is it?”. The irony of Cardi B being copyrighted on Cardi B’s own song. Isn’t that enough to hurt your brain!

Everyone knows that Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are very strict when it comes to capturing copyright on users’ videos and livestreams. But who would have thought that this situation would arise: the owner of the song would be copyrighted for that song!

After that, she quickly posted on her story about the incident of copyright infringement on her own music. The photo Cardi posted shows the livestream being stopped due to “using music, audio or video owned by someone else” and is accompanied by a warning “creating a livestream containing content that is not owned by you.” may cause account features to be limited.” It can be seen that the female rapper was quite upset because she was suddenly “punished” by Instagram even though she did nothing wrong.

Funny story: the female singer played her music on livestream and ended up being copyrighted by Instagram - 2

Rapper Cardi B just posted a story saying her livestream was deleted due to copyright infringement of her own song. (Screen cap photo)

This story suddenly became a source of laughter for fans. I don’t know if Instagram has discovered the problem and resolved this mistake, but one thing is for sure: Cardi B will continue her endless livestream series in the next few days.

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