Beyonce rare interactions with fans in japan wholesome hilarious

Dear Gossips,

A few days late on this but did you see that Beyoncé was in Japan last Friday when COWBOY CARTER dropped? Jay-Z may have had business there for his alcohol brand(s) but Beyoncé also ended up doing an album signing and fan meet and greet at Tower Records, and some of the interactions she had with fans were so wholesome and hilarious.

This one is my favourite.

Beyoncé’s face when the fan is busting out those dance moves is sending me…

The Queen also blessed a baby bump – and as you can see, Julius seems pretty relaxed, by his standards. This is benign for him, he might even be a little amused.

But what really cracked me up were some of the reactions online from people who weren’t in Japan to this rare occasion. Because it has been a looooooong minute since Beyoncé’s allowed fans to get this close to her, especially here in the west. And you know why?

I don’t see the lie. They DO know how to act in Japan, I was just there, and even though it’s a joke, there’s a lot of truth there in the fact that they act right in a way that we do not over here! The best example of this is the state of the bathrooms. If you’ve been to Japan, I know you understand this. The train station bathroom, at any train station in Japan!, is as clean and pretty much any luxury hotel bathroom you’ll find in the west. Because they respect their surroundings, and because they have the decency to leave their surroundings in the same pristine condition as when they found it for the next person. When we were in Japan, Jacek wouldn’t even jaywalk at the tiniest intersection where there were zero cars for minutes on end. So, yes, they act f-cking right over in Japan, right enough that Beyoncé felt comfortable enough letting them get that close to her. They win, we lose!

More on Beyoncé later this morning.

Yours in gossip

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