“I felt like I was being directly attacked”: John Legend Went To Extreme Lengths To Prove Himself as Being a “Good Instagram Husband” For a Hilarious Reason

American singer-songwriter, John Legend once sat down in an interview to talk about the normal chores of being a good husband to his wife Chrissy Teigen. With a child completing their family, Chrissy Teigen once put out an Instagram post and her husband felt so called out.

Talking about taking photos for Teigen’s Instagram, John Legend stated that she never appreciated his photography skills. Stating that they were all bad, Legend created a hashtag specifically so that he could prove that he was a great husband.

American singer-songwriter John LegendAmerican singer-songwriter John Legend

John Legend Went To Extreme Lengths For His Wife

Legend faced a common problem faced by billions of partners around the world, they do not know how to take a good photo for Instagram. At least, that’s what Legend’s spouse Chrissy Teigen stated in an Instagram post which made Legend feel insecure about his photography skills and he had to prove her wrong.

In an interview, John Legend talked about how he actually takes pretty great photos of his wife but she doesn’t like any of them. As revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show, John Legend stated that he went to extreme lengths to prove to his wife that he wasn’t a bad husband (or a bad photographer!)

“Well, she made a post about how no one ever takes pictures of her on vacation, and she was like ‘woe is me. No one gets good angles of me’. And I felt like I was being directly attacked. I feel like I take really good pictures of her and she posts some of them and so I made a point of pointing out”

He further continued that he did all he could to give Chrissy Teigen good lighting, and good angles, and finally, when none of it worked, he made a hashtag.

John Legend Made A Hashtag To Post Pictures of His Wife

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen

As the interview progressed, John Legend revealed that he had to create a hashtag in the end to post good pictures of his wife. As stated on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Legend proved that he wasn’t a bad photographer at all!

“I make an effort to give her good lighting and give her good angles. I posted these afterwards and my hashtag was #GoodInstagramHusband because I wanted to prove because, and Dwade, who’s a friend of ours too, he said ‘Basically when women get married now, I think part of what they’re getting with a husband is getting someone who’ll take good Instagram photos of them for”

All in all, John Legend proved that he is indeed a good husband as the couple recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary. John Legend does know how to give all of himself!