Over the Miranda Lambert controversy, Whoopi Goldberg leaves “The View,” saying, “I’m leaving y’all

When the recent situation with Miranda Lambert surfaced on “The View” on Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg launched “Actin’ Up.”

Panellists on the afternoon show were talking about how the 39-year-old country singer chastised fans for taking pictures at her residency show in Las Vegas when Goldberg had her own breathtaking moment.

The View” panelists were discussing Miranda Lambert scolding fans taking selfies during her Las Vegas residency show when Whoopi Goldberg (center) had a showstopping moment of her own. 
According to a TikTok uploaded the next day, Lambert apologised to her pianist on Saturday, saying, “I’m going to stop right here for a second.” These girls aren’t listening to the song since they are preoccupied with taking a photo.

“It’s getting on my nerves a little bit,” the singer-songwriter remarked, midway through an acoustic rendition of “Tin Man.” I apologise; I don’t like it. Not at all. Tonight we are here to listen to some country music. I’m singing some fucking country music.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
On Tuesday, 54-year-old co-host of “View,” Sunny Hostin, took the side of the concertgoers, declaring that she would “take as many selfies as I want if I paid $757 for tickets.”

However, it was obvious that Goldberg, 67, was troubled by the fans’ support.

“What do you know? “Remain at home,” yelled Goldberg. “Please respect me by watching me while I perform if you’re going to pay $750 to attend my concert, or don’t come.”

Hostin justified herself by stating that she likes to reminisce about her musical experiences, which made Goldberg tell her to “turn on the television, girl.”

Then, Goldberg got up from her desk at “The View” and turned to face the crowd, announcing, “I’m leaving y’all!”

The EGOT winner made the decision to take her own selfie in mid-show.

“I would want to have a photo taken with this amazing 91-year-old woman. We are going to take a selfie, then. Only you and me,” Goldberg remarked to a spectator. Will you press that key? We’ll return immediately.

Although the hosts of “The View” seemed to be kidding about, a number of Lambert fans expressed their displeasure with the three-time Grammy winner’s handling of the matter.