Whoopi Goldberg Isn’t Having Any Of A Bonkers Fox News Conspiracy Theory About Taylor Swift

Earlier this week, Fox News casually floated a baseless conspiracy theory about Taylor Swift working for the Pentagon, or… something.

“Around four years ago, the Pentagon Psychological Operations Unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting,” host Jesse Watters said during Tuesday’s episode of Jesse Watters Primetime. “What kind of asset? A PsyOp for combatting online misinformation.”

The View host Whoopi Goldberg is like, Speak Now? More like speak never about Taylor again, Jesse.

“There are real issues impacting millions of Americans,” Goldberg said during Thursday’s episode of the daytime talk show, according to Entertainment Weekly. “This is what the Fox News folks wanted viewers to be worried about during their prime-time broadcast on Tuesday.”

After showing the clip of Watters suggesting that Swift is being controlled by the government, she continued, “I have to say, when we talk about snowflakes, you people worry about the weirdest stuff. She got people to go out and vote, including probably all kinds of people that you’d rather not have voting. If she can get people to do that, why would you say that was a bad thing or talk about it like you’re disparaging it? What kind of bull…?”

Goldberg is “tired of dumb people. I’m just, I’m tired of it. I can’t handle it.” Here is Whoopi not handling the haters, who are famously going to hate hate hate.

You can watch the segment below.