Goran Ivanisevic Is Confident but Raises Crucial Question Over Novak Djokovic’s ‘Motivation’ to Pursue Tennis

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Goran Ivanisevic has coached the Serbian tennis star for over five years. Their on-court partnership has led Djokovic to win nine Grand Slams. But, a few days ago, the partnership ended as Djokovic declared Ivanisevic would no longer coach him. But their off-court relationship has not ended as Ivanisevic recently offered insights into the obstacles Novak Djokovic may face in his career.

Ivanisevic has always appreciated Djokovic’s performance and hard work throughout his career. So, when it comes to understanding the needs of the Serbian maestro regarding his future endeavors, who better than Ivanisevic to shed light on the matter? As per Ivanisevic, Djokovic’s biggest challenge might well be within him, specifically regarding his drive and motivation before elite competitions.

Novak Djokovic needs “motivation” to move ahead in his career, claims his former coach

Goran Ivanisevic recently highlighted the critical role that readiness and motivation play in Novak Djokovic’s success. Ivanisevic discussed Djokovic’s unmatched talent and the variables that might affect his on-court performances in the future. After a few days of parting ways with Djokovic, Ivanisevic sheds light on the one thing that he feels the 37-year-old player needs the most. “But motivation, you know, making there was working before for him. You play, and then you don’t play for one month, two months, and then you come to the tournament, and he could do it very easily. And now it’s tougher, you know?” Ivanisevic said on The Tennis Podcast.

He also expressed his thoughts on how long he thinks Novak Djokovic can play and said, “So you can play at least two two years. Unbelievable level. Two and three. But two, let’s say 2”. Further illustrating his point, he emphasized the “hunger” of the audience that awaits Djokovic after his short absence from the court. Ivanisevic’s remarks highlight the psychological component of professional athletics.

He points out that sustaining optimal motivation and concentration can be just as difficult as meeting the physical demands of the activity. “But with him, like I said, is motivation if he’s motivated and if he’s ready,” he added. Even with his unmatched skill set, Novak Djokovic’s performance is subject to change depending on his commitment and emotional state.

Ivanisevic’s admiration for Novak Djokovic is always visible. Be it wishing him to win an Olympic gold medal or simply supporting him throughout a tournament, Ivanisevic does not shy away from voicing out his respect for Djokovic as a person.

Djokovic is a “good person, says his ex-coach, Ivanisevic

Goran Ivanisevic’s split with Novak Djokovic after their five years was as amiable as possible. Ivanisevic himself talked about his respect for Novak Djokovic as a person. He admitted that he has witnessed all the ups and downs throughout the career of the world’s greatest player. And the conclusion that he has drawn about him is his kindness and big heart.

He appreciated Djokovic’s personality off the court and called him “a good person” off the camera. Ivanisevic was beside Djokovic throughout the challenging times that he faced during the past few years. Observing Djokovic closely for years has led him to believe in him as a person. When talking about Djokovic’s struggles, Ivanisevic stated that he is ready to “die for him” if it were necessary.

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