“I don’t think having a baby now is the best idea because…” Taylor swift speaks on the probability of having a baby with Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s whirlwind romance continues to heat up, with the NFL star playfully dropping hints about potential baby names on his podcast.

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While there’s no confirmation of immediate baby plans, Kelce’s recent comments and actions suggest a growing desire for fatherhood that could intertwine with his relationship with the pop superstar. Kelce’s baby talk isn’t entirely new. During a previous episode of his “New Heights” podcast with brother Jason, he jokingly compared a basketball prodigy to someone “made in a lab,” hinting at his anticipation for parenthood.

This recent mention of naming his firstborn “Conan” after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the 1982 movie further fuels speculation about his future family plans, stating: “I might name my first kid Conan. I might.” Kelce’s fondness for children is evident beyond his playful comments. He’s actively involved in the lives of his nieces, showering them with love and attention.

Kelce and Swift’s storybook romance

Kelce and Swift’s relationship blossomed in the summer of 2023, capturing the public’s imagination.

"I don't think having a baby now is the best idea because..." Taylor swift speaks on the probability of having a baby with Travis Kelce

Their public displays of affection, from Swift’s attendance at Kelce’s games to their celebratory kiss after the Super Bowl win in February, paint a picture of a strong connection.

Kelce’s unwavering support for Swift’s career, including his plans to attend her upcoming European tour, adds another layer of commitment to their romance.

Whether their future truly involves children remains to be seen. However, Kelce’s recent comments and actions, coupled with the positive sentiment from their inner circle, suggest a growing desire for a family life that could potentially intertwine with his relationship with Taylor Swift.

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