Taylor swift addresses pregnancy rumor and fans were surprised hearing this from her mouth “Unbelievable”

Donna kelce is proud to see the kids her grandchildren are growing up into. The proud NFL mom, 71, to Travis and Jason Kelce tells PEOPLE that it’s been a blast seeing the world get to appreciate Jason and wife Kylie Kelce’s three girls — Bennett, 10 months, Elliotte, 2½, and Wyatt, 4.


Donna Kelce Opens Up About Seeing Grandkids from Travis Kelce and Taylor swift, as age is no longer on her side

“I like seeing Wyatt’s articulate, confident growth into her own identity,” Donna shares with PEOPLE while detailing her holiday partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment. The grandmother, whom the girls call Dee Dee, also celebrates “Elliotte’s sweet disposition and loving nature – while still showing traits of a toddler.” “And Bennett’s [got a] chill, independent, and happy temperament,” she concludes.

While discussing her partnership with Aramark Sports to bring the “old-fashioned bake sale” to her son’s team’s stadiums on Christmas Day — raising money for the Eagles Autism Foundation in Philadelphia and Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City — Donna also talked about baking with her oldest granddaughter.

“Baking is a wonderful activity to do with family and friends, and now I have a little helper in Wyatt,” she raves. “I look forward to passing on my tips and tricks to the girls so that they can eventually pass these traditions on to their own families one day.”

Last month, Kylie caught up with PEOPLE about her holiday plans and shared how much Wyatt was enjoying getting to help out in the kitchen. “My oldest just got to do the Mama Kelce dinner rolls at Thanksgiving. So now, she thinks that she is the queen of the rolls,” Kylie laughed. “So, I think for our Christmas meal, she will end up helping my mother-in-law again because they absolutely nailed it. They were outstanding, as usual.”


It can be frustrating when a relative doesn’t stop posting right-wing memes on his Facebook page — especially when you’re about to release your very first woke album!


Taylor Swift's Dad Reportedly Deletes Facebook Account After Fans Accuse Him Of Not Being Supportive to Taylor Swift Mum

That’s the conundrum Taylor Swift found herself in this week when fans noticed her father, Scott Swift, allegedly had a habit of sharing images on his account targeting Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Thankfully for the 29-year-old singer, Poppa Swift swiftly deleted his account after fans took notice — but not before they were able to screenshot a few damning posts.

The drama began when Tay appeared to reblog a screenshot of Scott’s Facebook post in which he made an innocuous dad joke, writing: “Taylor and Austin said I needed to get steps on my phone. Wrapped phone in a towel, secured with rubber bands and put it in dryer on ‘cool’. Put 10,000 steps on the phone, watching golf. Feel great. They were right!”

Taylor Swift's Dad Reportedly Deletes Facebook Account After Fans Accuse Him Of Not Being Supportive to Taylor Swift Mum

In a since-deleted Tumblr post, the Grammy winner seemingly shared her father’s joke, joking “this man must be stopped.” It was all in good fun — until Tay’s comment caused fans to look up her dad’s FB page. There, they stumbled upon many posts that weren’t quite as lol-inducing. In one post from 2017, Scott refused to acknowledge Warren as a Senator, allegedly sharing: Another meme allegedly posted on Scott’s page took aim at immigration. It read:

“The IRS has returned my tax return to me this year after I apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly… In response to the question, ‘Do you have anyone dependent on you?’ I wrote: ‘9.5 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack heads, 3.4 million unemployable scroungers, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons plus 650 idiots in Washington.”

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