Chrissy Teigen Wears Chic Yellow Dress for Brunch with Daughter Luna: ‘Me and The Queen’

The mom-and-daughter duo spent quality time together in Los Angeles Monday

Chrissy Teigen daughter Luna yellow dress instagram 08 28 23

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna. PHOTO: CHRISSY TEIGEN/INSTAGRAM

Chrissy Teigen is stepping out in style with her daughter Luna!

The Cravings cookbook author, 37, and her 7-year-old daughter dressed up for brunch in Los Angeles on Monday, with Teigen looking chic in a cute yellow dress and Luna wearing an equally cute striped outfit.

“Magic castle brunch 🪄,” Teigen wrote in her Instagram caption, which added that the mom-and-daughter duo visited the Magic Castle clubhouse in L.A. for their brunch date.

“Me and the queen,” Teigen wrote in the caption of another image of the pair smiling together in front of a floral backdrop.

Chrissy Teigen daughter Luna yellow dress instagram 08 28 23

Teigen wore a chic yellow dress to brunch with Luna.CHRISSY TEIGEN/INSTAGRAM

A video clip also showed Teigen relaxing and waving at the camera as Luna grinned and twirled around beside her.

Teigen’s husband John Legend simply wrote,”😍😍😍😍” in reaction to seeing the pair together in the posts.

Teigen’s brunch with Luna comes as she and Legend, 44, took Luna to see Blackpink play a concert in L.A. The couple also share sons Miles, 5, and Wren Alexander, 10 weeks, and daughter Esti Maxine, 7 months.

Chrissy Teigen daughter Luna yellow dress instagram 08 28 23

Teigen took Luna out for a brunch at Magic Castle.CHRISSY TEIGEN/INSTAGRAM

“Finally saw @blackpinkofficial and phew I GET IT. That is A SHOW,” Teigen captioned some images of the trio’s reaction to the show on Instagram Monday.

“What’s the best fan page for me to follow, I need to learn everything there is to know in very little time,” she added.

In 2021, Teigen put forward the suggestion that her husband should “collab” with the K-pop band as she shared video of Miles and Luna singing Blackpink’s popular track “Ice Cream,” featuring Selena Gomez.

On Aug. 23, the couple also enjoyed some time away from their kids on a date night to see Drake on tour.

“Young love !!” Teigen captioned a post of them together at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, which showed the parents posed with one arm around each other, and Teigen wearing an elegant strapless, floor-length leather dress.

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