John Legend hates lazy stars because he is known as a musician who always works very hard and is the most active person in the music world.

Famous R&B singer John Legend (pictured) is always proud of himself because he is the most active person in the music world and is known as a musician who always works very hard.



This Grammy Award-winning star is known for being a workaholic and has mercilessly criticized artists who do not have clear opinions or do not share his artistic views. Legend said he would be very surprised if someone saw him as someone who is not hard-working. He also said “straightforwardly” that he really hates lazy people who only know how to take advantage of their own abilities without knowing how to make efforts to succeed more.

John Legend’s journey to success is truly inspiring, we can even learn valuable things from his story.


John Legend: First Black American to win EGOT

Trong nền công nghiệp giải trí Mỹ, John Legend (43 tuổi) là một trong 16 người từng giành được bộ tứ giải thưởng danh giá nhất, gọi tắt là EGOT, gồm các giải Emmy, Grammy, Oscar và Tony. John Legend còn là nghệ sĩ da

Chân dung John Legend: Huyền thoại âm nhạc sắp đến biểu diễn tại Hà Nội - 1Trong nền công nghiệp giải trí

American, John Legend (43 years old) is one of 16 people who have won the quartet of most prestigious awards, referred to as EGOT (Photo: CNBC).

first black to achieve this feat.

Before officially starting his solo career with his debut album “Get Lifted” (2004), John Legend collaborated with many famous artists, contributing to their music products, including the Stars like rapper Kanye West, rapper Jay Z, singer Alicia Keys…

John Legend’s single “All of Me” is taken from the 4th album of his career – the album “Love in the Future” (2013) which reached the top position of the US Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

Legend won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2015 when he co-wrote the song “Glory” in the movie “Selma”. He has won 12 Grammy Awards. In 2017, Legend won a Tony Award as co-producer of the play “Jitney.”

In 2018, he participated in the production of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” shown on American television and won an Emmy Award. This achievement completed John Legend’s collection of prestigious EGOT awards when he was 40 years old. John Legend is the second youngest person in American showbiz history to ever win a set of prestigious EGOT awards.

Pursue your dreams wisely

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To achieve today’s success, John Legend went through many difficult and struggling years (Photo: CNBC).
To achieve today’s success, John Legend went through many difficult and struggling years. His success did not come overnight. Furthermore, John Legend had to make great efforts to pursue his passion for music persistently, alertly and still full of enthusiasm.

In the beginning, he worked as an office worker at a prestigious corporation. This job gave him a stable income for several years, which allowed him to have a financial foundation to calmly and persistently pursue his passion for music.

While working, John Legend also arranged to hone his composing and performing skills. He continued to send his music products to record labels and had to accept countless rejections.

John Legend always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music and wanted to make a living through music, but he also knew he needed a practical foundation, a job that would help him cover life’s expenses. in the immediate future, before earning significant income from music.

Since he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), John Legend joined an a cappella music group and regularly performed with the group. He majored in English and African-American Literature. John Legend graduated in 1999 with impressive academic achievements, receiving very positive comments and evaluations from teachers.

When preparing for life after graduating from university, John Legend saw many of his friends working in banks and corporations, becoming professionals.

He decided to follow this direction and work at a prestigious corporation specializing in management consulting: “I followed the path that a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania usually chooses, but I knew I didn’t have it. love for the job I’m doing, I can’t give up my passion for music, but I know I need more time, in the meantime, I need income… to live!”.

Turning passion into a side hustle: “We don’t joke with poets about food and clothes”

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As soon as he got a position in a prestigious corporation, Legend immediately made plans for the future he was aiming for (Photo: CNBC).
As soon as he got a position in a famous corporation, Legend immediately planned for the future he aimed for, he wanted to become a true artist, making a living through music. That goal he realized with every day’s efforts.

During the day, he works an office job, and when his work hours are over, he begins composing and performing on small stages in New York and Philadelphia.

Legend turned music into a side job, which both helped him satisfy his passion and help him earn more income for his life: “I really need money, I live in New York and the cost of living here is not enough.” It’s not cheap, every month I need to have an amount to pay the rent.”

Legend’s career breakthrough did not come easily or quickly. For many years, he had to tell himself: “My time is coming, I just need to try and wait a little longer.”

But that was also the period when he constantly had to receive flat rejections from record labels, they did not believe in him, did not think he had a chance to succeed in the music industry and did not I want to take the risk and invest in you.

“I went to all the big guys in the music industry, there wasn’t a place I hadn’t gone to looking for an opportunity, but they all turned me down.”

Legend only began to make progress in his music career after years of constantly working to improve his writing and performing abilities, while also seeking to build relationships in the music industry.

“Rich for you”…

Chân dung John Legend: Huyền thoại âm nhạc sắp đến biểu diễn tại Hà Nội - 4

After college, John Legend still maintained a relationship with classmate DeVon Harris, who introduced him to his cousin… (Photo: CNBC).
After college, John Legend still maintained a relationship with classmate DeVon Harris, who introduced him to his cousin – a famous music producer, rapper Kanye West.

“The collaboration with Kanye West was an important part of my career, collaborating with Kanye West in the beginning was very meaningful, because ultimately, that collaboration brought me the first significant recording contract in 2004,” Legend recalls.

Kanye West was also the person who participated in making John Legend’s first album – the album “Get Lifted” (2004), at that time, Legend was only 26 years old. This album brought Legend 3 Grammy awards. In less than 10 years, Legend won an Oscar, a Tony, and then less than 15 years later, he won a full collection of EGOT awards.

Looking back on the past journey, John Legend shared: “In life, if we live with passion, we can go very far. Having passion makes us become a talented investor in our own future.” our career, becoming a good strategic leader for our own paths, living with passion, we become better, kinder people, better friends, and better people more ideal partner”.

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