John Legend once again talked about his “old friendship” with Kanye West

John Legend affirmed that whether the two can return to being friends or not depends on Kanye West.


In his latest interview with The New Yorker, John Legend clarified his opinion when talking about the broken friendship between him and male rapper Kanye West. Previously, he said that this friendship ended due to differences in political views.

“An article said that we stopped being friends because Kanye supported Donald Trump, but this was a misunderstanding in my statement,” the All Of Me singer shared, “I mean Kanye was very sad because I do not support him running for election. That is the real reason why we have a dividing line in our friendship.”

When asked about whether the two can forget everything and return to being friends in the future, the male singer said that it all depends on Kanye West.

John Legend lại nhắc về tình bạn đã cũ với Kanye West - Ảnh 1.

(Photo: Harper’s Bazaar)

“I don’t know what will happen in the future but I just know that he was very disappointed with me when I did not support him. Now it all depends on him, to see if he can overcome Can we get over the past?” John Legend said.

Also in the interview, the 43-year-old singer said that political views should not be the thing that divides beautiful friendships. However, he also believes that the fact that they both share the same ideals and are compatible in personality is what affects their friendship the most.

John Legend and Kanye West have been close friends and colleagues for many years, having collaborated on a series of songs together. The male rapper once produced music for some of John Legend’s songs. Even in 2005, the two collaborated on the song Number One. In 2008, the two contributed vocals again to It’s Over. However, things became tense after the 43-year-old male singer did not support Kanye’s decision to run for US President in 2020.

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