Nicole Kidman: 20 years, her face hasn’t changed!

Looking back at old photos of “Australian swan” Nicole Kidman, many people were startled to notice that the face of the movie star who just turned 46 not long ago seemed unchanged.

Nicole Kidman: 20 năm, gương mặt không thay đổi!

Photo taken of Nicole Kidman in 1993. At this time she was an A-list Hollywood star and married to actor Tom Cruise for 3 years. Their marriage lasted less than 10 years. The two broke up without having any children together, other than two adopted children, who are currently living with Tom Cruise. Nicole was then considered one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood.Nicole Kidman: 20 năm, gương mặt không thay đổi!

In 1994 (left), Nicole was appointed a UNICEF ambassador. And a year later (right), she was praised for her impressive role in the “super product” Batman Forever.Nicole Kidman: 20 năm, gương mặt không thay đổi!

1996 (left): Nicole Kidman won her first Golden Globe for her role in the film To Die For. 1997 (right): wrinkles at the corners of the mouth signal that Nicole is about to turn 30.

Năm 1998 (trái): Vai diễn táo bạo của Nicole trong bộ phim

1998 (left): Nicole’s bold role in the movie The Blue Room became the focus of the press. 1999: Once again, the “Australian swan” was naked on screen and this was the role of a lifetime for her and her ex-husband Tom Cruise in the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Năm 1998 (trái): Vai diễn táo bạo của Nicole trong bộ phim

2000 (left): She attended the Oscars after-party. 2001 (right): Nicole and Tom broke up because of differences in thinking. The breakup of Nicole and her first husband consumed a lot of ink in the press.

Năm 1998 (trái): Vai diễn táo bạo của Nicole trong bộ phim

In 2002 (left): Nicole entered the list of the richest people in Australia with an estimated fortune of 70 million pounds. In 2003 (right): The beautiful star became the advertising face for the Chanel No.5 perfume line, and she received a salary of 7 million pounds with this advertising contract.

Năm 1998 (trái): Vai diễn táo bạo của Nicole trong bộ phim

2004 (left): British singer Robbie Williams admitted that he and the Australian star dated briefly. In 2005 (right): Nicole met her second husband, country singer Keith Urban.Năm 2006 (trái): Nicole và Keith làm đám cưới tại

2006 (left): Nicole and Keith got married in Sydney, Australia. 2007 (right): She portrayed the villain in the movie The Golden Compass.

Năm 2006 (trái): Nicole và Keith làm đám cưới tại

2008 (left): Nicole gave birth to her first daughter, Sunday Rose. 2009 (right): Australian movie star sings in the musical Nine. At this time, Nicole was over 40 years old, but her beauty and youthfulness made many people admire her.

Năm 2006 (trái): Nicole và Keith làm đám cưới tại

2010: Nicole and Keith’s second daughter was born by surrogacy and was named Faith. At this time, rumors that Nicole injected Botox to preserve her youth began to “bloom” in the press.

Năm 2006 (trái): Nicole và Keith làm đám cưới tại

In 2011 and 2012, Nicole was repeatedly faced with questions about using Botox as her face became increasingly stiff and lost its natural look. In 2012, in an interview, the “Australian swan” admitted to using Botox but emphasized that she gave up immediately after a few uses because she felt scared when looking at herself in the mirror, and lost her charm. Flexible facial expressions.

Năm 2006 (trái): Nicole và Keith làm đám cưới tại

Nicole Kidman’s perfect face in 2013 once again caused the “Australian swan” to be entangled in cosmetic rumors and Botox use. At the age of 46, the mother of two still looks as young as a young woman in her twenties, but her eyes are slanted and her mouth smiles with difficulty.

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