“Ain’t nobody fearing Dak Prescott!” Louis Riddick dismisses Micah Parsons’ comments on AFC QBs involving Josh Allen and Joe Burrow

Louis Riddick did not think highly of Dak Prescott.

Analyst Louis Riddick has claimed that nobody fears Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. In a recent episode of the ESPN show Get Up, the former GM compared Dak Prescott with the likes of Josh Allen and Joe Burrow and said that they are more compatible with taking on Patrick Mahomes.

Here is what Riddick had to say:

I love Dak Prescott. Ain't nobody fearing Dak Prescott. They fear Josh Allen. They fear Lamar [Jackson]. They fear Joe [Burrow]. They fear Joe because of his mind because they feel as though he can deal with Patrick [Mahomes] on the same level. They fear Josh because they think Josh is just a freak and it's hard to really defend [against].

Louis Riddick on Get Up

The comments from Riddick came as a reaction to what Micah Parsons, the linebacker of the Cowboys said a few days back. In a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith, the LB denied putting all the blame on the quarterback. He instead took the blame on defense as the LB claimed that defenses win championships.

Micah Parsons had said:

At some point, yeah the quarterbacks not always going to be stifling perfect. The greatest quarterback isn't stifling perfect. At some point, your defense has to say, Hey we're going to get a stop.

Micah Parsons said

With his comment on the show Get Up, Riddick ridiculed all the claims that Parsons made. He even advocated that Prescott does not come among the elite quarterbacks.

Dak Prescott had a great regular season run

Despite failing in the playoffs, Prescott had a brilliant run in the 2023-24 regular season. The quarterback, for the first time in his eight-year-long career, earned the MVP frontrunner tag. He also led the chart with the highest number of passing touchdowns. His interceptions and turnover rates were also less compared to his previous seasons.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (via Imago)
With Prescott’s form, analysts expected that the Cowboys would get over the playoff curse. Since Prescott joined the team, the Cowboys have won only two playoff games. Hence, in the 2023-24 season, a lot of hope gathered steam that the Cowboys would march on to the divisional round. However, that did not happen. The Cowboys once again failed at the biggest stage.

The Cowboys’ management has decided to keep the faith in Prescott even after the defeat. It is to be seen how things pan out next season.

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