Cowboys QB Dak Prescott gets declared the MVP by Adam Schein after his TNF heroics against the Seahawks

Adam Schein believes Prescott played better than Eagles’ star Jalen Hurts in the week 6 game.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott gets declared the MVP by Adam Schein after his TNF heroics against the Seahawks

In an outlook, when Jalen Hurts led the Philadelphia Eagles have experience a formidable season, there’s another emerging contender in the form of the Dallas Cowboys‘ star quarterback Dak Prescott. As the quarterback recently surpassed his all time odds of reigning MVP, he sure has impressed the critics.

In the game against the Seattle Seahawks, Prescott had a phenomenal performance by throwing three touchdown passes, leading to Dallas’ comeback victory at 41-35 and extending their home winning streak. Prescott completed the game with 29 of 41 for 299 yards with zero interceptions and four sacks.

While talking about the matter on NFL on CBS, sportscaster Adam Schein predicted Prescott’s odds in the MVP conversation by already declaring him the MVP.

To me, Dak Prescott is the MVP--The reason why Cowboys won this game.. it was a rare game and I was stunned by this but Dallas' defense was awful. 
Geno Smith was outstanding, and DK Metcalf was great, so they needed Dak Prescott to go out and pitch the perfect game. And he pitched the perfect game.

Schein called the Cowboys’ star QB’s performance perfect as they outplayed the Seahawks. He also recalled how in the week 6 game against the Eagles, when Dallas couldn’t win despite Prescott’s amazing performance, that was even better than quarterback Jalen Hurts.

And he pitched the perfect game. He was outstanding once again and I think the keywords, once again because you look at the records, you look at the numbers, 
and frankly, the one loss that's when I think he played his best, and that was the game in Philadelphia when frankly he played well enough to win and played better 
than Jalen Hurts.

Schein believes Prescott is “having the best season of his career.”

What are Dak Prescott’s MVP odds?

After the phenomenal outing against Seattle, quarterback Prescott’s MVP odds have improved to +375, second in the list behind Eagles’ QB Hurts with +180. The two teams are scheduled to face off against each other on the coming Sunday, in week 14.
Dak PrescottDak Prescott (Via Golf Digest)
If Dallas wins the Monday Night football game and the San Francisco 49ers also beat the Eagles, the team will jump up to the top NFC East standings. As Prescott leads the win over the Eagles, there’s no doubt that he will become the favorite to win the MVP title with decent showing during the game.

As per the stats, Prescott already has an outstanding outing. He is ranked first in touchdown passes of 26, second in completion percentage of 70.1, and third in passing yards with 3234. In addition, the team sure is becoming a strong contender this season with the divisional standing of 9-3.