Ex-Cowboys SB Champion Michael Irvin claims the ‘curse’ has been broken as he expects a Super Bowl run for Dak Prescott’s men

The last time Dallas Cowboys appeared in the Super Bowl was in 1996.

After a narrow victory against the Detroit Lions in week 16, the Dallas Cowboys have improved to an 11-5 season standing and clinched a playoff berth. However, former Cowboy Michael Irvin got something else from that game, as he applauded Jimmy Johnson‘s entering the Cowboys ‘Ring of Honor’, has uplifted the team’s old Super Bowl curse.

What Irvin meant by that is, that the Dallas Cowboys have been on the nearly three-decade drought of the Super Bowl, as the last time they appeared in the Super Bowl was in 1996, when they also won the trophy. Since then, it seemed like the team had been suffering a Super Bowl curse.


Saturday night after I saw what happened in the game, I got home and I said, ‘Wow’ — I was having that feeling, I was like, ‘Oh my god! It’s happening again.’

You know, I thought that was happening at night. But when they won that game, at the end of the game, I went back to Jimmy [Johnson], and I said, 'Ohh… Maybe this thing is really over now. 
All of that jinx that has been lying over to Dallas Cowboys.' And then when Philly went down…there's no way anyone could have seen it. Right here, right now, the Dallas Cowboys being in the NFC East.

said Irvin on Undisputed

Irvin shared that he was earlier worried about the Cowboys facing the 49ers again in a road game, but after the Christmas game, now the Cowboys wouldn’t need to face them until the NFC championship game.

Oohh man! I’ll tell you what man…there’s no other way this could have come out. It happened the way it had happened. When Jimmy gives his moment in that built-in and hovers over that built-in..and now we will have more moments in that built-in. I am saying, ‘Yes! This is the curse being lifted.’

Dallas Cowboys honored Jimmy Johnson as the legendary coach

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson has returned to the Dallas Cowboys into their Ring of Honor, nearly 30 years later of his departure from the team. Before parting ways from the franchise, Johnson had led the Cowboys to their consecutive Super Bowl victories but had to leave because of internal disputes with owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones with Jimmy Johnson

Jerry Jones with Jimmy Johnson (Via NBC Sports)
Now, the franchise has officially put his name as the legendary coach, among the great personalities who graced the Cowboys over the years, up on the AT&T stadium. After receiving the honor, the 80-year-old got quite emotional, as Michael Strahan and Terry Bradshaw comforted him.

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