Beyoncé is literally the patron saint of flawlessness—and of keeping her personal life personal. We totally admire her for that. But when you’re as big of a star as Yoncé, scandals—whether you want them or not—are bound to follow you wherever you go. Here are the top 15 scandals we’re pretty sure Beyoncé wants deleted from the internet—and her life.

15 She ripped off the visuals of her Lemonade album

This one was a biggie for a lot of people and even the Beyhive couldn’t keep the fruit flies away from Bey’s Lemonade. When the visual Lemonade album dropped, the whole world went wild. It was pure poetic—and a beautiful way for Beyoncé to tell the world without really telling us what went down on that billion dollar elevator ride. Everyone loved the album and praised Beyoncé except for visual artist Matt Fulks. Matt claimed that Beyoncé ripped off some of his visuals and shots from his short film PalinoiaHe filed a lawsuit against Beyoncé, Sony, Columbia and Parkwood Entertainment, but in 2016 the judge threw the case out. But we gotta admit that there is some pretty heavy resemblance between his film and hers.

14 Ivy Park sweatshops allegations

Beyoncé turned athletic wear fashion designer? Yes, please! The whole world loves Ivy Park—including us. And we love the line and Beyoncé even more when she hired trans-activist and actress Lavern Cox to be the face of it. Seriously, Beyoncé slays us at every turn. But as soon as the line hit stores so did the controversy. This time the scandal wasn’t about Beyoncé per say but how her clothing company produced their clothes in sweatshops in Sri Lanka, amid extremely harsh working conditions, no sick pay and an average of $6 an hour. Ivy Park snapped back and said that it is committed to a “rigorous ethical trading program,” but that still didn’t stop the scandal from going viral.

13 Sued for using Messy Mya tracks

This is another instance of Beyoncé being accused of ripping off someone else work. Only this time, there’s really no denying the fact that she did sample Messy Mya’s voice in her Formation video. The problem is that Beyoncé is just so big and has so much money that it would be pretty hard to take her down for copyright infringement. It’s like David and Goliath when the little man tries to go after music’s queen. Still, her illegal use of someone else’s voice did cause quite the scandal and ultimately resulted in a $20 million lawsuit and left some music fans wondering if Beyoncé was really all that she appears to be. We’re pretty sure had the tables been turned, she would have sued the crap out someone using her voice too.

12 The Jay-Z Rihanna cheating scandal

This was one of (the many) internet scandals and cheating rumors that just won’t go away. Jay-Z has been accused of cheating with LOTS of women (see #3) but there was something about the Rihanna rumor that rubbed the Beyhive and the rest of us the wrong way. Perhaps it was because both Rihanna and Beyoncé were on the rise at the same time and they seemed to be two sides of the same coin. Whatever the reason, it was rumored that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had ‘secretly broken up’ because he hooked up with his protégé Rihanna. To add further fuel to the scandal fire, rumors began to swirl that Beyoncé’s songs Ring the Alarm and Resentment were about Rihanna. We may never know the truth.

11 She wasn’t really pregnant

We had to go way back into the vault for this one. And even to this day, this Beyoncé scandal has us cracking up. We get it. We’ve seen the picture of the concaving of her dress but it’s probably just bad design NOT some lame attempt to cover up the fact that she wasn’t ‘really’ pregnant and was using a surrogate with Blue Ivy. The internet went berserk when footage was shown of Beyoncé sitting down for an interview and her dress—along with her stomach—seemed to ‘cave’ into itself prompting rumors that there was no way that Beyoncé was pregnant because pregnant bellies don’t do that. The rumor pretty much persists to this day, even though this scandal happened in 2012.

10 That time she got caught lip-syncing

Beyoncé holds a special place in the Obama family’s life. So when she was booked to sing the National Anthem and Star-Spangled Banner on Obama’s inauguration day in 2013 everyone thought to themselves, it’s all good right? We mean, come on, it’s Beyoncé! Wrong. As soon as Beyoncé took the stage and the mic viewers felt as if there was something off. Now Beyoncé isn’t the first person to lip-sync (we all remember the Ashlee Simpson Saturday Night Live fiasco), but this was the first time a major star had done it at such an important event. She later admitted she did, in fact, lip-sync, but being the queen that she is made everyone bow down with her live Super Bowl half-time performance a few weeks later. She also sang the National Anthem a Capella at a pre-game press conference, just in case anyone had a doubt that she could pull it off. 

Yep, Yoncé rips off another pop star

It’s kinda hard not to start wondering given all the proof on this list on whether or not Beyoncé has real and authentic creative bone in her body considering all the creative infringement lawsuits and accusations of other artists being ripped off. We hate thinking that way, too, but there just seems to be a lot of evidence piling up against our queen. The biggest one being her 2011 Billboard Awards performance that all of America was praising  her for being so innovative and one-of-kind. Turns out that Italian pop star Lorella did it first—and much better. When the two performances were laid side-by-side it was hard to deny the fact that our queen indeed did rip off another pop star.

That Super Bowl mic problem

When Beyoncé took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime performance, we were ready to be BLOWN AWAY. And we were. Beyoncé was flawless as always, sang live and even caught herself from falling from a dance move. Can you say QWEEN?! So when former Destiny’s Child members Kelly and Michelle took to the stage everyone in the audience and watching in their homes went up for it. We were living! But something wasn’t right. It seemed that both Kelly and Michelle’s mics were turned way down while Bey’s seemed to be turned way up. Mic malfunction? The internet believed otherwise and a new scandal was born into the world. This one had Beyoncé turning down their mic volume so she was the only singer that was heard.

THAT elevator ride

This is the Beyoncé scandal that broke the internet. You knew it was coming because it was the elevator footage heard around the world. The fight between Solange and Jay-Z on an elevator ride from a party is the celebrity scandal to end all scandals mostly because Jay-Z and Beyoncé are so private, meaning they keep their private lives to themselves. We didn’t even see their marriage footage until Beyoncé included a snip in her Lemonade visual album. Both singers have written songs centered around that one incident that shocked the music world not to mention fans of the couple. We’re pretty sure that if there was one thing that Beyoncé could have erased from the internet and pop culture forever, this private elevator footage would be it.

Becky with the good hair

Many of us were left scratching our heads when it appeared that Jay-Z had cheated on Yoncé with Rachel Roy. Mostly because we didn’t know (or really care to know) who she was but more so because, uh, he’s married to Beyoncé and that’s who he put his relationship on the line for? We just don’t get it. But the internet went into an even bigger tizzy when, after Beyoncé released her song “Sorry” with the iconic “Becky with the good hair” line, Rachel seemed to confirm that it was her when she took to Instagram and posted a pic of her hair with the caption, “Good hair don’t care.” It was the Instagram heard around the world and the one that got the Beyhive riled up to defend their queen.

Her relationship with her father

This is one of the scandals that just won’t die. Anytime anything happens good or bad in Beyoncé’s life it seems that her father Matthew Knowles always has something to say about it—and often what he has to say is never good. The animosity and their strained relationship have been ongoing from Bey’s childhood to his management of Destiny’s Child to Beyoncé’s solo career it has always seemed that their relationship was always in turmoil. Beyoncé fired her father as her manager when it was reported he was stealing money from her. Her father has come out and said all the cheating rumors between Yoncé and Jay-Z were marketing ploys for their “On the Run” tour. He’s even gone on record saying Beyoncé is older than she is (see #2).

No lost love from Etta James

You would think that because you are Beyoncé that the whole world would love you and you could no wrong. While most of the time that’s the case, there are always exceptions to the rule and in this case the hate is coming from a fellow singer who used to love Bey like we all do. In 2009, Beyoncé was asked to sing for Obama’s and Michelle’s first dance. The song Beyoncé chose for the occasion was Etta James’ iconic love song, “At Last.” Only Etta wasn’t having it. Not only did she come out swinging at the president but she came gunning for the queen saying, “that woman he had singing for him…she’s gonna get her ass whipped. The great Beyoncé…I can’t stand Beyoncé.” Wow.

ALL of Jay-Z’s cheating scandals

And there are A LOT of them. But here’s what we don’t understand about the whole Jay-Z cheating on Bey gig. You are married to the queen of ALL THINGS—music, fashion and fierceness—why on earth would you want to do anything that would put your relationship in jeopardy? Not only that, but what else could Jay-Z possible need that Beyoncé can’t give him? Nothing. That’s what. And we’re at an even more major loss of understanding because what went down on that elevator wasn’t the first time Jay-Z was accused of cheating on Bey. From Rihanna to Rachel Roy, the list of women is endless. And if Beyoncé flawlessness can’t save a relationship from cheating scandals then there is definitely no hope for the rest of us.

Beyoncé is way older than she says

We know. This one threw us for a loop, too. But apparently, this scandal has been going around the internet for a while. Because not only did Beyoncé’s father come out in 2015 and say that Bey was older than she says she is saying, “She’s the same age as P!nk” but other people have supported this crazy theory. A person working for the Texas Department of Health claimed Bey’s birth certificate says she was born in 1974 which would make her 43. But what really sent the world buzzing was when actress Gabrielle Union told reporters that her and Beyoncé used to hang out as teenagers. No biggie right? Well, it is when Gabrielle is 42 and Yoncé is supposed to be 36.

All that Kim Kardashian drama

Boy, the internet sure does love a Beyoncé versus Kim Kardashian scandal. From Kim being the reason why Jay-Z and Kanye aren’t friends anymore to Kim shading Beyoncé’s Lemonade release by posting risqué photos of her and Kanye being intimate together, we’re pretty sure Queen Bey has had enough about with all of it. We have too. We understand it seems cool to pit two women against each other but regardless how we feel about the Beyoncé vs. Kim drama the fact of the matter is Beyoncé is way too busy queening to care about reality stars. We can’t blame her for not wanting to be close to someone who has cameras following them around 24/7. There can only be one queen and everyone, including Kim, knows its Yoncé.