6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became Hollywood’s most hated actress

Smart, talented, beautiful, but the famous American Oscar-winning actress – Anne Hathaway has many scandals that affect her career. Let’s take a look at Hathaway’s controversial “scandals” below.

1. Hated due to “fake, dramatic” personality

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 1.

In an interview with Hollywood.com, actor Richard Lawson once said: “Anne Hathaway is so fake, she always looks like she’s acting. All my life I’ve been in contact with children in theater, I am one of them and Anne is a typical example of “bad theater kids”.

Here, “bad kids at the theater” are understood as people who often consider themselves the director’s position and show an unpleasant and condescending attitude towards others. Basically, perfect children, with outstanding achievements from the beginning, will behave like this.

It can be said that Anne is a star but because of her unpleasant personality, she was hated by many people.

2. Being hated for your appearance

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 2.

In February 2013, an extremely ridiculous reason for why people hate Anne Hathaway surfaced because of her face. Professor of psychology at Ohio State University, Terry Pettijohn said: “People tend to like actresses with round and plump faces, because they represent youth.” And Anne Hatthaway has a small face.

In 2008, Anne Hathaway’s career skyrocketed again, coinciding with the time the world economy fell into crisis. That’s why Anne Hathaway’s skinny face makes people think of hard times.

3. MC disaster at Oscars 2011

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 3.

At the 2011 Oscars, Anne Hathaway and James Franco were assigned to host the show. However, after the ceremony, both were heavily criticized. Franco was criticized for being lifeless, lacking in energy, and having an expressionless face.

On the contrary, Anne Hathaway was criticized by public opinion for her excessive expressions and ungainly narration. The press and media even labeled her a “disaster” because of the actions she performed on stage.

4. “Fake” speech at the 2013 Oscars

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 4.

In 2013, despite winning the Oscars for her role as Fantine in Les Misérables, Hathaway was criticized for lacking authenticity and emotion in her statements. There are reports that the actress rehearsed her speech over and over again before attending the awards ceremony. And everything went as expected, Anne walked up to the podium to receive the award with what she had prepared at home.

Besides, she also received criticism from the public about her revealing outfit and short hair. Even the actress’s outfit has been a topic of discussion in the press for a long time.

After this award ceremony, Hathaway was hated by even more people, and a group of people who hated Hathaway was formed called “Hathahaters”.

5. Being a “spoilt” person

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 5.

One of the things that annoys the public about Anne Hathaway is that she is too “cheesy”. In interviews, she acts like she’s trying to act perfect. Anne Hathaway’s image is always flawless, making many people feel that she is always ambitious and perfect at all times.

6. Hated due to the Bandwagon movement effect

6 reasons why Anne Hathaway became the most hated actress in Hollywood - Photo 6.

Bandwagon means a person who tends to follow/believe in something that many people follow/believe even without understanding the reason.

Initially, there were as many fans of “Princess Mia” as there were “Hathahaters”. But, in society, the Bandwagon effect is scarier than anything. Especially when the subject is a famous person.

That’s why the people who dislike this actress are increasing day by day. From the princess loved by millions of viewers, Anne Hathaway now owns the title “Most Hated Celebrity”.

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