6 unique facts about Leonardo DiCaprio prove that he is truly a rare Hollywood star

Leonardo Dicaprio is not only a star known for his famous Hollywood movie roles. He has contributed greatly to improving the lives of not only many people, but also the well-being of our planet.

Not only is he a great actor, but he’s also an activist, proving that even the most famous people can keep both feet on the ground.

We’ve collected some interesting facts about Leo that will make you love him even more.

1. Likes to date women under 25 years old

In recent years, Leonardo has dated many beautiful women, all of whom are in their twenties. His only partner of a similar age was model Gisele, with whom he remained in a relationship until 2005. He then hooked up with Bar Refaeli when she was 20 and then dated with Blake Lively, who was 23 years old at the time.

Although Leo is not outspoken about relationships, he finds that he cannot know when he will get married. “It will come in time. The truth is that you cannot predict marriage. You cannot schedule it. It will happen when fate desires it.”

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

2. He jumped into a frozen lake to save his two dogs.

Leonardo had two huskies named Jack and Jill that he saved from drowning. During the filming of the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, Leonardo’s dogs visited him on set. During the interview, the actor said that he saw one of his dogs run into the frozen lake.

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

3. Leo saved a man who fell during a cruise

Leonardo was sailing with friends in the Caribbean when a man fell overboard. The drowning man’s chances of survival were not great, but thanks to Leo and his crew, he survived. After rescue, he was given food, water and clothes before rescuers took him for rehabilitation.

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

4. He was the one who started “Leomania”

When Titanic came out, many fans called it “Leomania” because Leonardo was seen everywhere – in magazines, on school lockers, in theaters movies and most likely in some people’s dreams.

His photos were taken by famous photographers like Lawrence Schwartzwald, who recently captured Leo cycling through the city.

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

5. He is an ecologist and likes to contribute to a good cause.

In 1998, Leonardo Dicaprio founded a foundation that “supports organizations and initiatives aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for the planet” . He is heavily involved in climate change and environmental issues and has even made a documentary called The 11th Hour. In this way, he wants to raise social awareness and with 50 experts tackling the subject offering solutions to save our planet.

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

6. Emotions when participating in movies

Leonardo does not like to act in movies without a deep message. He wants the work to have a specific plot, have historical significance and belong to a specific genre. He believes that popular culture and themes pass over time, so for a film to be good, an actor must “feel connected” to the script.

Leonardo Dicaprio, titanic movie, hollywood star

What else do you think makes Leonardo Dicaprio one of a kind?

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