A famous DJ hinted that Beyoncé bought the Grammy award on live broadcast?

The moment this DJ claimed that Beyoncé bought the Grammy award is causing strong controversy.

The 2023 Grammy Awards ended with this year’s “spotlight” belonging to Beyoncé. With a total of 32 trophies in her career, she officially became the artist with the most Grammy wins in history. A strong person like Beyoncé couldn’t hide her emotions when giving a speech.

Beyoncé won the 32nd Grammy of her career.

Notably, in the moment Beyoncé was just announced with the trophy that made history when Break My Soul became Best Dance/Electronic Recording , the camera panned over to capture All the surrounding artists’ reactions to this victory. When the camera panned to DJ Diplo, even though the audience could not hear the sound directly, looking at his mouth, they could see that it was the sentence: “They bought that” – “They bought the prize!”. Everything appeared on live television and the ugly moment quickly went viral.

Diplo said live on television: “They bought the award”

Diplo is a famous DJ/music producer who has worked with many famous artists such as Madonna, Shakira, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, CL, G-Dragon, Bad Bunny,… He has also collaborated with Beyoncé herself. in some songs on the album Lemonade and is also the one who together with “Queen Bee” created the super hit Run The World (Girls) that took the world by storm in 2011 Because he had worked directly with Beyoncé, Diplo’s actions received harsh criticism.

Many people judged that Diplo was too impolite, deliberately attracting attention when talking about female colleagues like that right on live television with tens of millions of people worldwide.
Netizens also believe that such actions are condemnable and think that Beyoncé with the song Break My Soul completely deserves the victory.
The audience also compared this action as being as impolite as the “microphone snatching” that Kanye West did with Taylor Swift last year!
A famous DJ hinted that Beyoncé bought the Grammy award on live broadcast?  - Photo 4.

However, there is also a high possibility that Diplo is just joking as his facial expressions and the way he interacts are not too “serious”. It should also be remembered that the two were relatively good partners and there had never been any conflicts between Diplo and Beyoncé before. But clearly, no matter what the situation is, this joke is not funny!

A famous DJ accused Beyoncé of buying a Grammy award on live air?  - Photo 3.

Anyway, Beyoncé has already won, if she doesn’t accept it anymore then that’s it!