A young Messi fan holds a sign apologizing to his idol because his mother named him ‘’Cristiano’’

An 11-year-old fan of player Lionel Messi recently went to the Argentina team’s training ground hoping to meet his idol. The boy was holding a very cute apology note, so much so that everyone laughed, and he even became a “little star” on social networks.

If we mention any famous player, people usually only think of that player alone. But if you mention Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, when you mention one, people will always think of the other.

For many years now, as fate would have it, Messi and Ronaldo have always competed with each other in many aspects. As for the role of fans, most people will belong to either Team Messi or Team Ronaldo , but few people are fans of both.

That’s why something strange happened.

A young Messi fan holds a sign apologizing to his idol because his mother named him... Cristiano photo 1

For many years now, the names Ronaldo and Messi have often been mentioned together. Photo: YouTube.

Recently, a boy came to the training center of the Argentine national team to express his admiration for Messi. In his hand he held a large piece of paper “apologizing” to his idol. He wrote: ” Messi, please forgive my mother, she doesn’t know what she is doing, she named me Cristiano .”

That’s right, that boy loved Messi, not the player he was named after.

A reporter near the training ground saw the boy and took a photo to post online, causing Cristiano’s photo (small) to be shared on many social networking sites about football. Everyone was amused by this incident and praised Cristiano for being so cute, as well as commented that his love for Messi is truly huge.

Messi fan boy holds a sign apologizing to his idol because his mother named him... Cristiano photo 2

Messi’s fan boy holds a paper “apologizing” to his idol. Photo: MC.

Because many people wanted to know if the boy’s name was really Cristiano, local newspaper Olé confirmed: This boy’s name is indeed Cristiano, he is 11 years old, a fan of the River Plate club; and it’s also true that his mother named her son after Cristiano Ronaldo because she was a CR7 fan. That day, little Cristiano asked his father to take him to the training center, wanting to see Messi, but unfortunately he could not.

Anyway, maybe young Cristiano is still happy because in the Argentina – Uruguay match in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round in South America, Messi scored, helping Argentina win 3-0.

Here is a video of Messi scoring (somewhat luckily) against Uruguay a few days ago:

Many fans wrote on social networks that they hope that one day little Cristiano will meet his idol and hope that on that day, Cristiano will not be angry with his mother for such a “deed” to Messi.

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