Actor Denzel Washington’s son went on television to share family ‘secrets’, surprising fans about the family that is always admired as ‘wonderful’

Besides his huge acting career and 3 Oscars, veteran American movie actor Denzel Washington is proud of having a more ideal home and a son who is too psychological.

Denzel Washington's son changed his mind on television

John David Washington admired his mother’s love for his father.

In a recent program broadcast on American television, Denzel Washington’s 34-year-old son John David Washington shared family secrets, and also the thing that makes him happiest when thinking about home.

When he was introduced as the son of actor Denzel Washington, he immediately interrupted the introduction and said: “When I learned to listen, my mother was the first person to read stories to me. My mother is sometimes fierce, angry and sad because of me. That’s mom!”.

John David mentioned his mother’s name: “My mother was Pauletta Washington, who made more money than my father when they became husband and wife. Mom once shined on the Broadway stage, and was also the one who paid for dad on their first date, the taxi fare and the meal that day.

The witty introductions expressed all of John David’s admiration and love for his mother, as well as his parents’ famous and enduring marriage in the Hollywood world.

Denzel Washington's son changed his mind on television

John David chose to follow in his father’s footsteps after playing professional rugby.

Denzel Washington's son changed his mind on television

John David Washington is considered a promising actor.

His mother, artist Pauletta Washington, has always been the woman he loves the most. His mother was a professional pianist, with a promising career, but she chose to step back, giving her husband the opportunity to shine.

John David confided: “My father taught me how to conquer everything in life, and my mother taught me how to love.”

Denzel Washington’s family is one of the exemplary families in the entertainment industry. John David used to be a professional rugby player, but just a few months ago, he announced that he would completely stop competing in this sport. The reason is because he suffered too many injuries.

Denzel Washington's son changed his mind on television

Denzel Washington and his wife are one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood.

Denzel Washington then shared that he was very happy because he could finally rest assured about his child’s health.

Although he supported his son in pursuing his passion, he was not willing to see his son in pain due to injuries.

John David is starting to look for opportunities for an acting career. He is currently participating in the comedy show “Ballers” on American television and is considered a promising face.

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