Amber Heard was caught red-handed lifting her shirt and pulling down her pants, defecating in a pile right on the street

Even though she went to live in Spain, beauty Amber Heard was recently caught being unattractive in public.

Since the end of the historic lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor winning, the private lives of both stars have continued to attract the audience’s attention.

Recently, People newspaper said that to avoid noise, Amber Heard left the US and moved to Spain with her 18-month-old daughter.

“The lawsuit is so tiring for Amber. She misses her daughter so much because she can’t spend much time with her,” the source shared.

Recently, a clip related to this beauty appearing on a Spanish street has attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, the clip captured the image of Amber Heard and a group of friends walking on the street. Maybe because she had drank too much before, the actress looked unsteady when walking.

Not only that, Amber Heard shocked many people when she acted so boldly, the Aquaman actress suddenly pulled down her pants and squatted on the street as if defecating on the street.

This on-the-spot action stunned netizens. Everyone expressed their criticism of this unconscious and ugly action right on the street.

It seems that the actress has a habit of solving hygiene needs in the most unexpected places. As evidenced in the lawsuit of the century with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard that she intentionally “defecated” into their shared bed after an argument, as a move to retaliate.

The time of the incident was April 2016, when Johnny arrived late to Amber’s 30th birthday party. According to this site’s source, after their argument, Johnny stormed out of the penthouse apartment in Los Angeles.

At that time, the maid discovered feces on their bedsheets. That is also the reason why the Pirates of the Caribbean actor decided to divorce.

When this case was brought to court, Amber Heard’s lawyer denied it, saying it was just a pile of waste from her pet dog named Boo. “Boo has bowel control problems.

That incident was not a joke to show disrespect. It was just a stupid animal thing to do. We have nothing else to say. Ms. Heard won’t mention it again. We don’t want to get involved in this nonsense.”

However, netizens pointed out pictures of the pile of waste that showed it was too big to be the product of a dog.

Since the end of the trial, the lives of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have taken different turns. The beautiful Aquaman has almost no chance of returning to Hollywood. She now appears more at cheap clothing stores. The boycott of audiences and filmmakers has left Amber Heard struggling to find a new direction.

Amber Heard shed tears in court when telling her ex-husband’s crimes:

As for Johnny Depp, the actor also recently appeared in rumors with his female defense lawyer. And recently, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor appeared in Rihanna’s underwear show.

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