Angelina Jolie Shocked Her Director After Earning $20 Million For a Movie Without Even having an Agent or Publicist

Angelina Jolie is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Hollywood industry in the current times.

She has a range of acting that is exceptional and can make people amazed by how much talent she has stored within herself. No doubt, with her talent and experience, her pay must be just as high. Surprisingly enough, her strong personality does not just range in her roles but also in her independence.

The Untold Truth Of Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

The actress has done some of the biggest movies with the best actors. Furthermore, she has done some of the greatest movies which have been critically acclaimed. She has been an actor who is unafraid to ask for significant roles and even demand to be the lead in movies that would otherwise be saved for other male actors.

Angelina Jolie Became Her Own Agent For Her Movies

Angelina Jolie

 is a dynamic actress who does not pick a role just because she read the script or was offered a role. She did not have an agent or a publicist. Instead, she picked her own roles, decided which scripts she should work on and which she shouldn’t, and still managed to become one of the biggest Hollywood stars.

Angelina Jolie coi trọng sự khác biệt | VTV.VN

Angelina Jolie

“Literally, she gets every single script that has a female role aged between eighteen and 40—every script,” The director of The Tourist, Henckel von Donnersmarck confirmed. “And she just follows her feeling, holds her own counsel. She’s probably the only global megastar that doesn’t even have an agent—she doesn’t even have a publicist.”

The role she chose was for The Tourist and that too as a bridge between her previous movie and the next one. She wanted to work in between the two movies, just as a short change of pace. She admitted that right after Salt, she had to pick The Tourist because she needed a small piece of work before her movie with Brad Pitt. The Tourist became a vacation for her, enabling her to bring her family and still manage to shoot for a short interval of time.

Angelina Jolie’s Independence Has Led Her To Have High Fee For Her Work

Due to Angelina Jolie being such a strong figure in the Hollywood industry, her pay is just as big. Her average fee for each movie ranges from $15 Million to $20 Million. Her movie before The Tourist, Salt had led her to earn $20 Million. While her backend fee is unknown, she takes a heavy amount of money upfront.

Angelina Jolie Owns A Luxurious Bag Which Costs More Than The Annual Salary Of Many Of Us, Proving She's Doing The Optimum Best Of Her Life!

Angelina Jolie

She makes her own contracts and decides on her own deals. She would add specific clauses to suit herself and arrange her fee according to the weight of her role. If it is an animated movie without much workload, the actress would negotiate a deal of $8 Million while even making $15 Million for her role in Wanted.

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