Anne Hathaway apologizes to people with disabilities for portraying a witch

Actress Anne Hathaway apologized to the audience after her witch image was criticized for easily giving the wrong impression of people with limb deformities.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Anne Hathaway has apologized to people with limb deformities for the damage her character in The Witches may have caused.

In the 2020 adaptation of writer Roald Dahl ‘s original work , Anne Hathaway plays the villainess the Sorcerer Supreme – a character with a three-fingered hand that is easily reminiscent of a patient with Ectrodactyly syndrome . lobster).

“I just heard that many people with limb deformities, especially children, were hurt by the appearance of the character of the Supreme Witch in The Witches ,” the beauty wrote on her personal page on November 5, along with according to the video of the Lucky Fin Project organization .

Anne Hathaway takes the blame for people with disabilities for creating the image of a witch - Picture 1

“I always try to understand the feelings and experiences of those around me. I didn’t do this because I was afraid of the public’s reaction. Avoiding hurting others is the minimum courtesy that we should strive to achieve.

As someone who believes in tolerance and truly hates cruel things, I owe you an apology for the unintentional hurt caused. I’m sorry,” the beauty wrote.

Hathaway said she did not think of limb deformities when looking at the character design of the Sorcerer Supreme. The actress affirmed that if she had, she would never accept using this image.

She continued: “I especially apologize to the children with limb deformities. Now that she knows better, she promises to fix it; She owes a profound apology to anyone who loves her children as much as she loves hers. I’m sorry for making your family upset.”

The Witches was directed by Robert Zemeckis. Last week, the film faced a lot of criticism for the way it depicted the physical deformities of the witch characters. Those speaking out strongly on this issue include Paralympic athlete Amy Marren, actress Melissa Johns, director and screenwriter Ashley Eakin, and organizations such as Lucky Fin Project, Reach and Changing Faces.

On social networks , the hashtag #NotAWitch (not a witch) was created to share images and videos of individuals with limb deformities. The campaign aims to combat a series of stereotypes that still exist today about physical deformities in Hollywood movies.

On November 4, representatives of Warner Bros. officially issued an apology: “We, the film crew and Warner Bros., are very sorry to realize that the depiction of fictional characters in The Witches may cause people with deformities, Physical disability makes me feel upset.”

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