Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, had to fight to have children

As one of Hollywood’s most successful stars, Anne Hathaway has had to go through many events in her life.

The Hollywood beauty was involved in a painful “love scam”.

Anne Hathaway is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses and was honored on the Walk of Fame in May this year. However, in contrast to the brilliant successes in her career, Anne’s love life was extremely difficult.

Before marrying her current husband, Anne Hathaway had a passionate love life in her youth. She dated bar owner Scott Sartiano, actor Hugh Dancy and Topher Grace, but these relationships all ended quickly.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 1.

The perfect beauty of actress Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway’s loudest love affair was with an Italian scammer named Raffaello Follieri. The two met through a friend’s introduction. It was 2004, when Anne was 21 years old and had just achieved significant success thanks to the Princess Diaries series .

Raffaello Follieri was born in Italy, his parents were lawyers and mathematics professors. Follieri moved to New York in 2003 when he was 25 years old, then founded the Follieri Group. Follieri’s company operated on real estate fraud, attracting investors with sweet words.

On their first date, Follieri was more than an hour late, causing Anne to leave angry. But the next day, he sent her many roses and an apology in an extremely seductive Italian accent.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 2.

Anne Hathaway and ex-lover Raffaello Follieri.

Anne Hathaway admitted that at that time she was softened by Follieri’s romantic gesture. The actress completely dropped her guard and started this wrong relationship in an instant.

During the four years of dating, Follieri took advantage of Anne Hathaway’s name to enhance her reputation in business. He used investors’ money to support a luxurious lifestyle, taking Anne Hathaway on trips and vacations everywhere, giving her many expensive jewelry and designer items.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 3.

Behind Raffaello Follieri’s handsome, elegant appearance is the face of a dangerous old fox. And then in the end, he paid the price for his crimes.

In 2008, Raffaello Follieri was sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison for 14 crimes including fraud, property appropriation and money laundering. This case greatly affected Anne Hathaway’s name.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 4.

When Follieri was indicted, Hathaway was forced to return all the thousands of dollars worth of jewelry that Follieri had given her. Police also confiscated Hathaway’s personal magazines to help with the investigation.

The actress broke off her relationship with this fraudulent businessman 10 days before he was arrested by the FBI at his home.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 5.

When her ex-lover was arrested, Anne’s reputation was severely affected. This was also her darkest period.

Fight infertility to have children

After going through depressed days, Anne Hathaway is determined to develop her career and no longer believes in love.

However, a year and a half later, she met actor Adam Shulman and found true love. The two fell in love with each other at first sight. But because Anne was still haunted by her old love, it was not until June 2009 that the couple officially started dating.

After 4 years of being together, Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman held their wedding in September 2012 on the California coast. Thinking that Anne’s life would be perfect from now on, she would once again face turmoil when she fell into infertility.

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, must fight to have children - Photo 6.

Anne Hathaway and her husband

Since learning about this, Anne and her husband have put all their effort into trying many methods in the hope that they will have a child. During more than 3 years, Anne often fell into despair, but Adam was always there to encourage her and help her regain courage.

Anne Hathaway shared: “For the past 12 years, I’ve only had one goal, which is to act in movies, act in movies, and act in movies. But now I have a new goal, which is to have a baby, have a baby, and have a baby. ”

Anne Hathaway: Extreme beauty but difficult love, having to fight to have children - Photo 7.

Thanks to tireless efforts, in 2015, Anne Hathaway and her husband burst into happiness when they learned that the actress was pregnant. Nine months later, Anne’s family welcomed their first son. At this time, Hollywood beauties can feel complete happiness and meaning of life.

In July this year, Anne Hathaway continued to receive the good news of being pregnant with her second baby. The actress shared this happiness on Instagram and expressed hope that her story will give hope to other infertile families.

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