Anne Hathaway revealed that she once loved a gay man

Anne Hathaway opens up about her love for several gay men, her proposal and a fairy-tale wedding.

Interview in the September 2011 issue of Interview magazine by writer Chelsea Handler.

– Let’s talk about New Jersey first. How did you feel growing up here?

I want to live in New York. My feeling was, “Why didn’t I grow up in New York?”. But now that I’ve grown up and have a better view of the world, I think I grew up in a particularly privileged place. Where I was born is a beautiful place, I was well educated, I’m very grateful for that. But New Jersey is not where I want to live. I left there at 16, pursuing my dream.

– Where did you go when you were 16 years old, to New York?

I actually went to Los Angeles. I went to New York to audition in high school but wasn’t successful, and then when I was 16, I chose to go to Los Angeles. One thing I want to say about New Jersey is that I hope they will be like New York and legalize same-sex marriage.

– Your brother is gay, right?

Yes, my brother is gay. I’m also sure some of the guys I dated were gay, but they refused to admit it. I think everyone is like that.

– What do you think is the best quality of an artist?

Professional ethics. I’m not the best actor in the world but I love my works more than anything, I will give everything I have for it, no matter the cost.

– What is your weakness? What do you think has improved since you were an actress?

Oh my God, so many.

If I point out something I don’t like about myself, people start to pay attention to it. Part of the reason I want to stay out of the public spotlight as much as possible is because I think that when actors live too ostentatious lives, it affects their acting ability.

– An actress once revealed the part of her body she disliked the most and every time I meet her, I look at that part of her body. Can’t help it. Now let’s change the subject a bit, is there any art form that you want to try besides acting?

You know, I’m working with Joseph Gordon A. Levitt and he has a website called hitRECord. This is truly an art collection. I’m exploring things I’m interested in like writing, photography, drawing, a little bit of everything. I want to be a multifaceted artist. But right now I can’t do that. Imagine if I said, “Let me take out my guitar and play you a song.” That’s admirable, but I’m not naturally gifted with talent. But I work very hard and with determination, so who knows what else I can accomplish in the future?

– Let’s talk about fashion. I feel like in the past few years, she’s paid more attention to fashion and become more daring in the way she dresses. I give this review since she has nude scenes in movies.

Thank you for commenting that I dress boldly. I think this is the best compliment to give someone. My favorite fashion is boldness. I cherish it as an art form. I love it when people can convey thoughts and feelings onto fabrics and materials. One of my favorite dresses I’ve worn recently is the Armani dress I wore to the Golden Globes. It has huge shoulder pads like during the king’s time and is woven with scales. My hair gets stuck in it but it’s fun to wear. Fashion is also a way for you to have the most fun making mistakes.

– Who is your fashion icon?

I’m currently obsessed with Kate Middleton. I love royal weddings. While watching the royal wedding, I sent a text message to my mother and she wrote back: “This is truly a fairy tale,” and I think marrying your best friend is a new kind of fairy tale, even even if the groom is a prince.

– Have you ever imagined your life would be like that, marrying someone with status and always having to appear in public?

Another one of my admiration for Kate Middleton. She and the prince have struck a balance between a completely normal private life and understanding the responsibilities and demands of their positions. If I love someone enough and also have that balance, I will probably agree to such a marriage. Unfortunately there is no one now.

– You’ve never been proposed to?


– Are you open to marriage?

There really is. I’m just starting to research every angle to make sure I don’t get into a rut of delusion about marriage. Just two days ago, I attended my best friend’s wedding and I looked at the person I love like a sister, the person who changed my life and will continue to change my life for the good, the person I feel I feel as close as a family member, connecting my life with the man she loves and I see the happiness that marriage brings to her. She seemed to float in the air all night. At that moment I thought: “Wedding is important because it celebrates life and what’s possible.”