Anne Hathaway shows we’ve been eating cupcakes wrong and shares ‘genius’ hack so you don’t get icing around your face

WE’VE been tucking into cupcakes ever since we were little for birthdays and other special occasions. 

But none other than Hollywood star Anne Hathaway wowed everyone when she revealed that everyone has been tucking into their sweet treats the wrong way, as she showed her amazing cake-eating hack.

Anne showed off her cupcake trick, leaving viewers stunned

Anne showed off her cupcake trick, leaving viewers stunnedCredit: Tik Tok

The star's method started a new trend

The star’s method started a new trendCredit: Tik Tok

Film star Anne, who has appeared in movies like The Devil Wears Prada, explained she thought everyone else did it like her, until she was asked about it at a birthday party and realised she’d set a new trend.

During an appearance on American talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show last year, Kelly grilled the 40-year-old on her game-changing trick.

And her response was so ‘genius’ that it’s started to trend yet again on social media after being shared by various TikTok accounts.

The American Idol winner turned to Anne and said: “I want to know how you eat a cupcake because I hear you eat one differently and I want to learn.”

Anne then demonstrated how it’s done, as she explained that her way not only saves mess, but makes them taste even better too.

Taking hold of a vanilla cupcake that was piled high with buttercream icing, Anne held it up to the camera.

She began: “I didn’t realise that this was that unusual until I was at my friend Steph’s 40th birthday.”

She continued that because of Covid, they decided to get several cupcakes, rather than opt for one big cake.

Anne then explained: “So I took my cupcake and I was sat there and we were having a conversation and I did this thing.

“And it stopped the whole party.

“Now I have stopped parties before, but never for a good reason – and this was a good way to stop a party.”

Anne then repeated what she’d done, as she took the top half of the cupcake, which contained the icing, off of the bottom, creating two separate halves.

She then flipped it around and sandwiched them back together, using the buttercream as a ‘glue’ to keep it in place.

She explained: “You take the top and you pull it apart, and then you flip it.”

Tucking into it, as the actress added: “And then you have a sandwich and you don’t get frosting up your nose.”

Host Kelly looked on in amazement as the live studio audience all clapped in appreciation.

But they weren’t the only ones who were impressed, as social media followers have brought the hack back up to spread the word once again.

One wrote: “That’s so smart!” A second wrote: “Actually that’s a much smarter way of eating it than the way I eat it.”

Another added: “My grade 2 teacher taught me this way – best way ever.”

While a third spoke for everyone when they said: “Makes sense, I’m doing this!”

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