Before her comeback, Nicki Minaj was criticized for ‘touching’… historical figures

The famous female rapper received a series of criticism even though she just “teased” her new song.

In the video less than a minute long, the owner of the hit Super Bass

 dyed his hair red, wore cool black glasses, then danced and lip-synced a “tease” for his new song called Yikes
 . Needless to say, loyal fans of the 38-year-old female rapper are extremely happy that after two years since the album Queen , the “big sister” has returned with a solo project. However, in contrast to the excitement from the fans, many other viewers shared that they felt extremely uncomfortable and thought that she was “disrespectful” for making a very serious mistake. : Take the name of a historical figure honored as “America’s hero” – Rosa Parks  to remind her anti-fans.

Nicki Minaj bị chỉ trích vì 'động chạm' đến nhân vật lịch sử

tracking. trackingRosa Parks is a famous American social activist.

The situation became even more serious when, by accident or “arrangement”, Mrs.Petty’s team posted the above demo on social networks just a few hours after the famous social activist’s 107th birthday. , just in time for Black History month. On Twitter, many users expressed outrage at the Anaconda star’s out-of-bounds behavior :

– “Nicki Minaj needs to leave Rosa Parks alone. Surely Nicki Minaj didn’t say bad things about Rosa Parks. She didn’t. No, I can’t believe this.”

– “I hope that Nicki Minaj will remove the lyrics about Rosa Parks from her song. It’s disrespectful. There’s nothing funny about a woman of color being discriminated against and it’s also Black History month. There are things you are not allowed to talk about. It was a moment that went down in our history.”

MV Nice To Meet Ya.

Currently, the famous female rapper has not made any statement regarding this noisy incident. While waiting for her next music products, please listen to the latest collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor called  Nice To Meet Ya !