Beyoncé: 32 golden Grammy trumpets and huge fortune

The 2023 annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles, USA on the morning of February 6 Vietnam time. 

This year’s award brings together many ‘huge’ names in the music industry such as Adele, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift or BTS…

Photo: Los Angeles Times
Photo: Los Angeles Times

The moment Beyoncé’s song  Break My Soul  was announced as the winner of the Best Dance/ Electronic Recording category, the entire audience burst into tears and the world’s social networks were shocked. With this Grammy Award, Beyoncé officially broke the old record and became the artist with the most Grammy Awards in history with a total of 32 awards. This is truly an impressive achievement, a worthy recognition of Beyoncé’s contributions to the music industry.

The female singer became emotional many times and hesitated when speaking. She said: “I will try not to be emotional, I will just feel tonight. I want to thank God for protecting me. I thank my uncle, Johnny, who is not here, but his spirit still here. I want to thank my parents for loving and encouraging me. Thank you to my husband, my three beloved children, who are watching the show at home. Thank you for giving me the Grammy Award.” .

Holding 3 prestigious Grammy awards at the same time this year, Beyoncé is a record-breaker, receiving 12 Grammy awards, owning 32 golden trumpets, on par with the late music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. – Georg Solti. She is also one of only four black artists to win the award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording. 

With 88 Grammy nominations in her career, Beyoncé has also “leveled” the record with her husband Jay-Z with the number of nominations. The two powerful Hollywood couples have a total of 56 Grammy trophies at home, a number that any artist must desire. Besides her illustrious career spanning decades, Beyoncé also has a fulfilling and happy marriage with her husband, a billionaire rapper. At the present time, the two are the most powerful couple in Hollywood, even in the business field.

Beyondé  dã  là  person  record of receiving the award 12 times;  own up to 32 Grammy awards.
Beyoncé is a record breaker, receiving awards 12 times and owning 32 Grammy awards.

According to a report by Forbes magazine, the total net worth of both singers reached 1.9 billion USD. Not only have they earned huge amounts of money through art, but they have also succeeded in investments in Uber, Space-X or the champagne brand with a value of up to 630 million USD. Forbes estimates that Beyoncé alone has a fortune worth about $400 million thanks to her music, tours, and image copyrights. In addition, Beyoncé owns a significant stake in Tidal, the online music streaming service founded by Jay-Z. Tidal is currently valued at $600 million. 

Beyonce also collaborates with many brands in many fields, from nutrition, fashion, to sports to create separate product lines. She also launched her own perfume brand called Beyoncé Heat. The company is said to have had a total revenue of $400 million since it was founded. 

Owning many properties scattered across the United States, the house that the couple loves the most and stays in most often is a beachfront villa in the Hamptons worth $26 million. Before buying this villa, the couple rented many houses in this area for about 400,000 to 500,000 dollars a month. Just last year, Beyoncé and her husband bought another super mansion for $88 million. 

According to Architectural Digest, the mansion in the Bel Air area (Los Angeles, USA) is considered the “jewel” in the powerful couple’s real estate collection. The land is nearly 2,800 square meters with the main house having 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, spa, cinema, wine cellar and garage for 15 cars. In particular, the mansion is protected by glass windows that are bulletproof and guaranteed not to interrupt the panoramic view of Los Angeles. In addition to world-class amenities, what makes the property stand out is its over 900 square meter outdoor space.

“The cinema room is a luxurious space with a large screen, modern furniture, automatic lighting according to the homeowner’s mood and even a door covered in lizard skin. The stylish apartment has up to 4 swimming pools, a basketball court and a separate staff area,” SCMP said. British media said the two stars spent $800,000 renovating the land. They installed a backup generator worth 30,000 USD and a living area below 4 swimming pools, for a sum of up to 750,000 USD.

However, according to SCMP, the public was surprised to learn that Jay Z and his wife bought a house in installments. Billionaire USD borrowed a mortgage worth $52.8 million from Goldman Sachs. This move causes the male rapper to have to pay a monthly debt of $149,600. Previously, he only paid 40% of the house’s value with $35.2 million in cash.

Total price  Beyond Beyoncé  andà  husband is given  reached the milestone of 1.9 billion USD.
The total net worth of Beyoncé and her husband is said to reach $1.9 billion.

Even so, the famous couple is still very comfortable with luxury spending. For example, for Jay-Z’s 41st birthday, Beyoncé gave him a Buggati Veyron worth $2 million. On another occasion, she gave her husband a private jet worth $40 million. After her first daughter Blue Ivy was born, Beyoncé’s anniversary gift to her husband was a sapphire ring worth $500,000…

After a vacation in Cuba to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, the famous rapper decided to give the sexy female singer a surprise gift. Instead of expensive jewelry, this time Jay-Z bought a small island in the Bahamas for 3 million USD (about 60 billion VND) to give his wife and baby Blue Ivy private moments of rest without being watched.

Last evening of January 21, 2023 (ie the 30th day of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam), Beyoncé just had a 1-hour performance at the luxury resort in Dubai called Atlantis The Royal. An inside source shared with The Sun: “Beyoncé’s performance was the highlight of the event and lasted for 1 hour.”

This source also shared that Beyoncé’s salary for this concert was at 20 million USD (more than 470 billion VND). This is a huge number but is probably too familiar to a high-class female artist like Beyoncé. Previously, she “got” 2 million USD just to perform a set of about 15 – 20 minutes for a family of European billionaires. Africa on an island in the Caribbean Sea.

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