Beyonce was accused of behaving “stupidly and rudely” when the star visited the Pyramid during her tour

Beyonce was recently accused by Zahi Hawass, an Egyptologist and former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, of having behaved “stupidly and rudely” when the star visited the Pyramids. during a tour in 2009. Beyonce spoke out in response, saying the accusations were “fabricated”.

Zahi Hawass said he had banned the singer from visiting the Pyramids again after her bad behavior. According to Huffington Post, Hawass shared that in 2009, Beyonce went on a tour to promote the album I am… and went to Egypt. She took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Pyramids with Hawass. However, Mr. Hawass later told local newspapers that Beyonce was “stupid” and “didn’t know anything.”

Mr. Zahi Hawass

Condemned Beyonce

“Most of the people who came here to enjoy with me were very kind, polite and we became friends. But this woman is really… She said she would come at 15:00 but she was late. She should have said sorry to me but she didn’t open her mouth” – the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, 66 years old, angrily told The Independent.

“I brought a photographer and she also had a photographer, a bodyguard. As my photographer started taking pictures, Beyonce’s photographer yelled “No, stop!”. I hastily said, “I’m the one who has the right to say yes or no here, not you. Since you always tried to overwhelm my photographer, you were completely impolite. Going out, I don’t give your crew special privileges on my tour.” I turned around and said Beyonce was stupid and left,” Zahi Hawass said.

In response to the accusations of Egypt’s “Indiana Jones”, Beyonce’s representative told E! News that all the allegations are lies. “It’s not happened! The last time she was in Egypt was on tour in 2009 but nothing happened there. This is a complete lie and a lie.”

This female singer objected

During the interview, Zahi Hawass always bragged about her popularity. He was also criticized for being too delusional about his reputation when he said: “People attack me because I’m famous. When I guided President Obama to visit Giza, the driver recognized me…”.

Recently, he is being investigated by the US Department of Justice for allegedly accepting a $200,000/year package from National Geographic to allow this magazine into the Pyramid and other places.