Billie Eilish met with ‘scandal’ when criticizing Lady Gaga’s beef dress: What causes her to hate this outfit?

Recently, Billie Eilish shared bad feelings about Lady Gaga’s meat dress. And this makes fans of a Monster mother upset.

In 2010, Lady Gaga stunned the world with her famous beef dress. The female singer once caused strong controversy among the public, especially animal rights advocates. Regardless, this outfit is still considered a legend in the world entertainment industry.

Billie Eilish - Lady Gaga

Recently, a Lady Gaga fan shared an interview clip of Billie and her brother saying that Gaga’s meat costume was vulgar and Billie ended the conversation with the word ‘Yikes  . The person who shared the article also included the hashtag #BilleElishisOverParty, and it quickly became one of the trending hashtags on Twitter.

Billie Eilish

In addition to the opinions from Lady Gaga’s fans, some other objective twitter users also left comments, “Are you guys trying to criticize the opinions of a 17 year old girl, it’s scary there”, “Rejecting a harmless opinion. So tired of everyone. No matter what, I’m still on Billie’s side in this matter.”

In fact, it’s normal for Billie Eilish to not like the beef dress, because she is a vegetarian. Previously, Billie Eilish shared with fans that she was very haunted after accidentally watching a video of animal meat. The female singer born in 2001 also regularly encourages her fans to become vegetarian to have a healthy life and avoid harming other species.

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