Can Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s musical film save the US theater system?

Taylor Swift and 
 are on a difficult new mission: helping to “revive” movie theaters in the US when theater owners seem to be tired of waiting for Hollywood to carry out a rescue mission.

Taylor Swift reaches a deal with AMC to release the concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, in theaters on October 13. Next, 

Beyoncé does the same with her Renaissance World Tour , scheduled to hit theaters next December.

Can Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's musical film save the US theater system?  - Photo 1.

Beyoncé on the Renaissance World Tour

Movie theaters are at risk of collapse when film promotion is limited due to strikes by screenwriters and actors. The theater business, therefore, is increasingly shaky, even when there are blockbusters that are predicted to be reliable.

Barbie , Oppenheimer  or expensive blockbusters like The Flash , Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and even Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One all failed to meet expectations in the quest to increase total box office revenue in the US compared to before. pandemic, according to CNN .

The shift to using theaters to show concert films and other events is not new but reflects a potential trend, which is akin to seeing a concert with the best seats in the room. This is an experience that people want to share firsthand.

Can Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's musical film save the US theater system?  - Photo 2.

Taylor Swift succeeds with Eras Tour

It remains to be seen whether this will be a temporary solution or fully pivot into a new opportunity for movie theaters. But, to do so, film studios need to prove that they can produce truly attractive and captivating movie titles that audiences will accept to leave the house. 

Marvel’s The Marvels sequel and DC’s Aquaman are also among the candidates being tested for their ability to boost sales for the rest of the year.

Currently, the audience appeal of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift is expected to help movie theaters “struggle” with questions about revenue.