Cardi B said the false rumors left her mentally devastated and wanted to commit suicide

Billboard reported that Cardi B appeared in court in the lawsuit between her and blogger Tasha K in Georgia (USA) on January 13 (local time).

The female rapper told the jury about the mental damage that made her want to commit suicide after being spread false information.

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Cardi B said that Tasha K defamed her reputation and fabricated personal information about her, causing Cardi B to fall into a state of depression with everything in life, accompanied by migraines and migraines. Fear leads to not wanting to be close to my husband. She even had thoughts of committing suicide. Photo: AFP

Previously in 2018, blogger Tasha K posted fabricated information about Cardi B, such as that she used to prostitute herself when she was a stripper and had sexually transmitted diseases, including Herpes Virus (HSV). ) causes blisters. Tasha K also spread sensitive videos of unknown person but confirmed it was Cardi B. Photo: AFP

Because of these lies, the female artist was criticized by the audience when she kissed Kulture’s daughter on the lips with concerns that she would infect the baby. However, the owner of hit WAP denied selling sex or having a sexually transmitted disease right at the trial on January 13. ‘Only an evil person could say those things’ , Billboard quoted Cardi B saying. Photo: AFP

Billboard reported that, according to a report by law firm Law360, Tasha K admitted to the jury that she fabricated information about Cardi B to make money and increase fame for her personal business. Photo: AFP

It is known that the next trial will take place on January 18, Cardi B is asking Tasha K to apologize, compensate for mental damages and remove all fabricated videos posted. Photo: AFP