‘Defeating’ Taylor Swift, Cardi B is still criticized for not being on the same level of collaborating with Beyoncé

Some people who love the “queen bee” are not happy when she collaborates with a female rapper born in 1992.

Rumors that


 would collaborate with Cardi B broke out after Cardi B’s producer suddenly revealed it on social networks. But unfortunately, some members of Beyoncé’s fan community felt uncomfortable with this information.

"Defeating" Taylor Swift, Cardi B is still criticized for not being classy enough to collaborate with Beyoncé

Cardi and Beyoncé once met and Cardi shared their meeting on Instagram in September. Additionally, Beyoncé has also been excited about collaborating with other artists recently, she has joined hands with DJ Khaled and J. Balvin.

So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Jay-Z’s wife teams up with the owner of the hit “Bodak Yellow” . In fact, their music will definitely be great and create a strong impression on the Internet.

Furthermore, Cardi’s producer Michael Ashby teased fans via Instagram Story with an image from the studio, showing a demo of the new song with the names of Beyoncé and Cardi B.

“@beyonce I don’t want to believe this is true but if it is…why, of all the people in the world, are you collaborating with Cardi B? Why???”

“Just a waste of Beyoncé’s time. I respect Cardi B’s talent but she’s nowhere near Beyoncé’s level.”

“Yes, Beyoncé and Cardi B are real

Yes, I feel disappointed”

Either way, Beyoncé is allowed to collaborate with whoever she wants, and joining hands with Cardi B would be a good move for both artists. However, no official announcement has been made and their duet song is still just a demo.

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