“Disney Princess” Selena Gomez admitted to loving Messi, openly expressing her feelings in public

Selena Gomez not only had a surprised expression when she saw Messi show off his talent in a recent match. And she did not hesitate to express her feelings for the Argentinian star.

On the morning of September 4, Messi’s team had the opportunity to be a guest on the field of rival LA FC in the American Professional Soccer League (MLS). This match created the greatest ticket fever in American football history. BMO Stadium has a capacity of 22,000 seats filled, with a series of celebrities present in the stands.

Before the “fiery” confrontation took place, the home team announced the list of special guests attending including: Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James, Nas, Tom Holland, Magic Johnson, James Harden… Selena Gomez is also among them.

Sitting in the stands, the ” Disney princess ” many times admired Messi’s eye-catching performance. Selena Gomez’s moments of surprise immediately caused a fever on social networks, proving the Argentine player’s appeal in a country where football is not the most popular sport. how. “Selena has probably now seen the miracle of Messi’s feet,” one account wrote.

Disney Princess Selena Gomez admitted to loving Messi, publicly expressing her feelings in public - Picture 2

Especially in the 38th minute of the match, Messi delicately handled the siege of three players before passing the ball accurately to teammate Diego Gomez. This guy then ran to the smart place to receive a pass from Gomez himself. At this time, Selena Gomez showed a surprised expression when witnessing Messi’s above ball.

In front of Selena, rapper Tyga couldn’t help but be surprised by Messi’s extremely smooth handling. Not stopping there, the owner of 7 Golden Balls continued to fake moves to eliminate another defender and have the opportunity to face the LA FC goalkeeper.

Disney Princess Selena Gomez admitted to loving Messi, publicly expressing her feelings in public - Picture 3

Even though he couldn’t score a goal, the situation where Messi eliminated his opponent as easily as his hand made the stadium become very lively. The camera then moved to Selena Gomez. The beautiful female singer could not hide her surprise, seemingly not believing what she had just seen.

After 60 minutes of play, Inter Miami temporarily led 2-0. By the end of the match, although the Argentine star did not score, he still made his mark with two assists in Inter Miami’s 3-1 victory over the top team in MLS.

Watching Messi throughout the match Selena Gomez seems to have been completely conquered by him. The proof is when a reporter from ESPN Argentina approached Selena and wanted her to send a message to Messi. Without hesitation, the Texas-born singer shouted in Spanish, which translates to: “Messi, I love you so much.”

Disney Princess Selena Gomez admitted to loving Messi, publicly expressing her feelings in public - Picture 4

Bongdaplus website said that not only Selena Gomez, many other famous faces also idolize Inter Miami’s number one star. Prince Harry has fulfilled his lifelong dream, which is to witness Messi play with his own eyes. Also present in the stands was actor Owen Wilson, who compared the joy of watching Messi play to the happiness of every child at Christmas.

The match between Los Angeles FC and Inter Miami welcomed about 40 celebrities to watch Messi play. This is a unique phenomenon in the history of American football, because up until now, sporting events that attracted a large number of celebrities to attend were usually only in basketball and rugby.

“This is probably the first football match in America in history that has attracted so many famous people to watch. Previously, these images were only seen in basketball or American football,” said one wrote the social media user.

Disney Princess Selena Gomez admitted to loving Messi, publicly expressing her feelings in public - Picture 5

Ticket prices for the above match are sold at the lowest price of 1,000 USD (about more than 24 million VND), the highest price is up to nearly 13,000 USD (about more than 300 million VND).

It all comes from the fever called Messi among American football fans. Messi has changed American football in terms of audience attraction, revenue from ticket sales and the business of many clubs…

Since Messi, Inter Miami has become an invincible team. Messi played 11 matches, scored 11 goals and 8 assists. He helped Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup and reach the final of the American National Cup. The value of Inter Miami Club also skyrocketed thanks to owning star Messi.