Drama between Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber – who is the biggest winner?

If you are a fan of European and American entertainment, in recent days, you have certainly seen information at least once about the tense drama between the three famous IT Girls today: Selena Gomez, Kylie. Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

In the past week, despite the extremely hot remix of the song “Die For You” by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, or the global explosion with the hit song “Flower” by Miley Cyrus, things have made fans The US-UK global concern is still the secret “sneeze” between Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber. Of course, not only these three beauties, but other artists including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or even Kendall Jenner also reached the top of global trends. Finally, what is the end of the story and who benefits the most from these scandals?

“Sister, sister” – Will sisterly love last forever?

The story started when Selena Gomez posted a new TikTok clip with strange eyebrows. Afterwards, Kylie Jenner posted a selfie on her Instagram story, with the caption right next to her eyebrows: “Was it an accident?” . In the next story, Kylie posted a screenshot of a facetime session with Hailey Bieber and the focus was on Hailey’s eyebrows.

This has caused a strong wave of protest among Selena Gomez’s fan community. They think that Kim Kardashian’s younger sister and Justin Bieber’s wife are “kicking” Selena’s eyebrows. Kylie had to explain that she didn’t mean it that way. And to calm public opinion, Selena also responded: “No need to worry about those things, I also like you very much Kylie.”

Selena with her unusual eyebrows and the story about Kylie’s eyebrows

It seemed like the story about eyebrows was over, but Selena Gomez’s next move made her continue to become the center of drama, leading to the person whose eyebrows Kylie “showed off” on her story – Hailey. Bieber.

Fans saw Selena Gomez’s comment under a TikTok video, saying: “Sorry, my best friend is and will continue to be the winner in this game . ” The content of this video is Hailey Bieber showing an extremely mocking attitude when hearing the name Taylor Swift two years ago.

his action of hers made fans of the “Country Music Princess” angry, they continuously left disparaging comments and shared the video everywhere. So, Selena’s “snarky” comment not only made the video even more viral, but it also led to a fierce “boycott” wave from Taylor Swift’s fandom and Selena herself towards Hailey.

Selena commented defending Taylor Swift below the video about Hailey’s attitude

For longtime US-UK fans, this drama becomes more attractive because of the complex nature of the relationship and the “one-nine-one-ten” between the main characters. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once had a failed love story that caused the press to waste a lot of ink, Hailey Bieber is Justin’s wife. Selena’s comment about Hailey made many people think that she was jealous of her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

On the other hand, this is not the first time Hailey has “touched” Taylor Swift. Previously, Taylor fans had a bad impression of Hailey when she often “kicked” and sarcastically criticized the “Love Story” singer. Selena is like a sister to Taylor, so it is understandable that she defends her friend. It is worth mentioning that before that, Selena and Hailey made netizens “sit still” with a photo taken together full of “loving sisters”.

The photo taken together once “caused a storm” on social networks of Selena and Hailey

Not stopping there, Kylie Jenner continued to “add fuel to the fire” when a TikTok account said that Kylie liked a clip of her talking about how Hailey’s group of friends once invited Selena Gomez to go to Dubai for New Year’s Eve for Justin. Bieber has time to play with Hailey. In that group of friends is Kendall Jenner, with whom Selena has been “on a break” since 2015 and is currently Hailey’s close friend.

Accidentally or intentionally, and who is the biggest “winner”?

Faced with the story of old people, new people, former close friends and former rivals, the public is obviously divided into two distinct camps: one side wholeheartedly supports Selena and speaks up to defend Taylor Swift, while the other side criticizes her for being too dramatic. and is using media tricks. In terms of defending you, this isn’t the first time Selena has done so. In 2016, she also spoke up to defend Taylor against a fierce boycott due to conflicts with Kim Kardashian and her husband, to the point that she was “cursed” herself. However, if this is considered a PR trick, it is not unfounded.

Before the drama broke out, the “little witch” repeatedly mentioned the names of Gigi and Bella Hadid – people she was no longer close to for a long time, making fans feel the reputation of the two models. are being taken advantage of. Next, Selena’s comment defending Taylor Swift in a video related to Hailey not only made public opinion angry with the model, but also helped the “Lose You To Love Me” singer win the hearts of most lovers. Dear Taylor. Selene’s actions can be considered “one comment that kills two birds”.

Whether accidentally or intentionally, from the story about the eyebrows to the comments defending you, followed by the “grave digging” of the old love story has brought to the public a “drama”. can be considered extremely entertaining and thrilling. And not just stopping at harmless gossip, this drama has more or less affected the reputation of the people involved.

Kylie Jenner is no longer the most followed female artist on IG. After the drama, her number of followers decreased to 1 million, accompanied by a large wave of criticism on social networks. Hailey Bieber was even more “pathetic”, she lost more than 800 thousand followers on IG and was criticized so harshly that she had to close the comment section under the post.

As for Selena Gomez, her IG account has grown to more than 10 million followers in just 7 days, helping her “usurp” Kylie Jenner to become the “Queen of Instagram”. And during the drama, Selena’s name became the focus of countless topics on social media sites.

Her coverage has increased significantly, even reaching the top Twitter trends in Vietnam. Posts related to Selena always receive extremely large interactions, showing her great appeal despite the fact that she is also criticized a lot.

In the end, whether right or wrong, Selena Gomez is still the one who benefits the most. If this is considered an incident, then Selena will automatically become the most “caring” BFF in the solar system, at least for Taylor Swift. If you consider this a PR trick, then Selena is too smart and knows how to attract people’s hearts.

Obviously, to survive in the harsh showbiz environment, how many people have really never used media tricks to their advantage? The question many people ask is: Is this drama really over? And is Kylie Jenner preparing to create any new drama to attract more followers?

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