During Taylor Swift’s tragic time, every time she appeared with a man, Taylor Swift would be rumored to have spent the night with that person.

Every time she appears with a man, Taylor Swift is rumored to have spent the night with that person. A series of articles appeared advising men not to approach Taylor because she “wrote music about him after breaking up”.

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful music artists today. Famous since the age of 16, the female singer has a long list of lovers who are both famous and handsome. For this reason, she became a thorn in the public’s eye.

Taylor builds the image of a musician and always performs self-composed music, most of which are about her own life. Love stories are a great inspiration for many of her hits. Even after the breakup, Taylor used it as material to write music. This action caused the female singer to receive a lot of criticism. A part of the public believes that she dated for inspiration to write music, and when she was no longer useful, she “threw” her boyfriend and found a new partner.

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Taylor Swift often writes music about her love story (Photo: 9honey)

Especially in 2012, after going through 5 public relationships in 6 years, Taylor Swift started dating member Harry Styles of One Direction. The two’s love story caused a lot of controversy. Since then, Taylor Swift has become the target of attacks from netizens because they feel she “changes her lover like she changes her clothes”. Slut-shaming jokes directed at Taylor became viral across social networks .

Every time she appears with a man, Taylor Swift is rumored to have spent the night with that person. A series of articles appeared advising men not to approach Taylor because she would “write music about him after breaking up”. During a TV show in 2013, Taylor burst into tears when the MC mocked her about dating.

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The couple dated at the end of 2012 and this was the time when Taylor received a lot of criticism

After that terrible time, Taylor was not seen dating for many years. She often hangs out with female friends, in which model Karlie Kloss was once rumored to be Taylor’s gay lover. A decade has passed, on the occasion of the release of the re-recorded album 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Taylor Swift opened up about the difficult times at that time.

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Taylor opens up in a message to fans in her new album (Photo: Rolling Stone)

“When I was 24 years old, I sat in the dressing room backstage at a show in London, anxiously waiting. Each backing singer and band member gathered in a circle around me. The scissors began to move and I watched in the mirror as my long curls fell to the floor in clumps.

I remember at that time I was wearing a striped shirt, smiling shyly as the staff and friends cheered my new hairstyle. Cutting hair is a normal thing that everyone does, but I have a secret. For me, this isn’t just about changing my hairstyle. But for me, this is the determination to completely renew myself at the age of 24.

How can a girl renew herself? You’re probably wondering that? To me, it’s any way they want it. Such as music taste, place of living, style, motivation and I did these things happily.

What are the risks of trying pop music while still displaying the sensibilities of your previous album? I want to develop it further. That feeling of freedom when traveling to big, noisy cities? I want to live there. These guys started insulting me in different ways just for dating like a normal young woman? I want them to be quiet.

As you may know, many years ago I was the target of slut-shaming. Given the intensity and cruelty at that time, it would be condemned if it happened today. Offensive jokes about the number of boyfriends I have. The trivialization of my writing ability as if it were the actions of a famous man-hunting psychopath. I had to make it all stop because it was starting to hurt me.

I realized that for me, there is no such thing as dating like a normal person. Or even just hanging out with guys in a platonic way. If I was seen with a man, people would assume I slept with him.

So I swore I wouldn’t go out with any guys again. I stopped dating, flirting or anything that could be used against me. Because, I live in a society that believes in protecting women’s rights but insists on treating me with the harsh moral prejudices of the Victorian era hundreds of years ago.

As an extremely optimistic person, I figured I could solve this if I changed my behavior. I took a break from dating and decided to focus on myself, music, growth, and friendships with girls. I thought that if I only hung out with female friends, people wouldn’t be able to make headlines and sexualize it. But I later learned that they could and they would.

However, I did not let this affect me because I had a plan in mind and had faith in it. I decided to buy my own apartment in New York and from there, new melodies appeared in my imagination.

My collaborators, Max Martin and Shellback, were always willing to help me explore the completely new world of music I was immersing myself in. I also have a new friend named Jack Antonoff, who creates artistic music in his own apartment. I have an idea that the new album will be called 1989. The music on the album will have synths from the 80s with an impressive chorus.

There is a belief inside me that is hard to express in words, that this is the right decision. I tried to realize it with the image of a young girl wearing high heels and a crop top.

Looking back, there were so many things I didn’t know at the time, but this was actually good. This period of time has allowed me to feel true youth, the desire to explore and a sense of freedom that I have never had the opportunity to experience before. However, the mixture of innocence, desire and freedom sometimes makes people tired. People will never be satisfied, there will always be things that make them speak up and complain. I learned new lessons and paid the price for my mistakes. In the end, I tried to shake off my worries.

I will always be extremely grateful for the way you loved and received this album. You guys have been following my creative choices and cheering for the experimental risks on the album. You guys have heard the winks and humor in Blank Space, and can even sympathize with the pain behind the sarcasm. You are the ones who saw the seeds of allyship and support for equality in Welcome to New York.

You guys understand the thoughts of a girl who had no friends as a child, perhaps she is compensating for her hurts by hanging out with female friends in adulthood. You guys know that I reinvent myself for a million reasons, and one of them is to make you happy. It was you who gave me the opportunity, allowing me to change and freely renew myself.”

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1989 (Taylor’s Version) is Taylor’s latest album

Currently, Taylor Swift is dating male football player Travis Kelce . After many years of working in the entertainment industry, Taylor is no longer afraid of criticism from those who hate her. The Blank Space singer loves with all his heart and wholeheartedly devotes himself to his music career.

Taylor Swift's tragic time - Picture 5

Taylor is currently having fun with her famous soccer player boyfriend

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