Emotionally looking back at Beyoncé’s musical journey – Jay Z: From today let’s call them the new “dynasty”!

That dynasty is called “The Carters” – dominating the world music industry by “R&B queen” Beyoncé and “rap king” Jay-Z.

Releasing a series of MVs and the new album “Everything Is Love” as their married life entered the 10th year, Beyoncé and Jay-Z once again confirmed to the world that their love is still present and growing stronger. stronger.
Emotionally looking back at Beyoncé's musical journey - Jay Z: From today let's call them the new dynasty!  - Photo 1.

Having known each other since 1997, we began to nurture the relationship between friends and colleagues. It was not until 2001 that we officially had the “seeds” of further development. “03 Bonnie & Clyde” in 2002 marked the first collaboration with the two lovingly opening the line for “Crazy In Love” which became one of Beyoncé’s lifetime hits in particular, and for Jay Z also contributed vocals. The sweetness of the lyrics and melody of this song makes people no longer doubt that this is the love song that Beyoncé dedicated to her lover: “Don’ t even need to buy a new dress. You ain’t there, ain’t nobody else to impress. again”).

In the following years, The Carters (this is also the common stage name they both used in their most recent work) proved that they are always an admirable couple. Maintaining a long-lasting marriage, supporting and collaborating with each other in both their work and their own, and continuously releasing many collab products that prove that love still endures like “That’s How You Like It” (2003). ), “Déjà Vu” (2006), “Upgrade U” (2006), “Part II (On The Run)” (2013),…

The passionate climax of this love is clearly portrayed in “Drunk In Love” in 2013. It can be said that after “Crazy In Love”, this is the most famous and best song that both of them produced together. 10 years ago, they were a newly in love couple still in the madness and wildness of youth, then 10 years later, we witnessed a couple who persevered and continued to “get drunk”. in love and physical passion. 

If there were ever any doubts that this marriage was on the brink after Jay Z was caught up in an affair scandal with Rita Ora, making Beyoncé angry and resulting in a blunt denunciation of her husband right in the album “Lemonade”. ” then the confession that Jay responded to in the album “4:44” was extremely timely, perhaps also the key to resolving all tensions. Now, we can witness another meaningful collaboration product. 

Emotionally looking back at Beyoncé's musical journey - Jay Z: From today let's call them the new dynasty!  - Photo 9.

Beyoncé – Jay-Z has gone through all the joys, anger, sorrows, and pains of life, and the bitterness of love, to get to this day.

Start with an impressive cover photo. The class and luxury cannot be discussed right from the outfit and the setting as well as the expressions on the couple’s faces. However, what makes people pay attention here is that the product has a reputation for engraved with love, but the image is not as cuddly and sweet as before. But no, the distance between the two people is not far, not close, showing that both he and she have their own space, their own power, their own success, and their hands are still gently holding each other as an affirmation. The love of the “Carter dynasty” has persisted for nearly two decades. 

Emotionally looking back at Beyoncé's musical journey - Jay Z: From today let's call them the new dynasty!  - Photo 10.

Cover photo of “Everything Is Love”

Regarding music, both of them co-produced all the songs in “Everything Is Love”. Although this is a hip-hop-oriented album, Beyoncé’s vocal contribution is almost 50-50 with Jay-Z and even her great performance somewhat surpasses her husband’s. During all those years of working in the profession, in addition to their intellectual contributions in terms of music and art, political issues are always present in every mark left by both of them, and are still mentioned today. Clearly, it’s one of the things that makes people really feel like Beyoncé and Jay-Z were made for each other. And from today, since “Everything Is Love”, since the last year of the decade’s marriage, for the most powerful billion-dollar couple in the world, they deserve to be called a new “dynasty” – The Carters.