Even though he is a “short guy on the field”, Messi still attracts attention thanks to his muscular body like that of a male god

Lionel Messi has made people forget his modest height with a solid, attractive body.

Messi is expected to join the Argentina team in winning the World Cup gold trophy this year.

Continuing competition at the 2022 World Cup, Argentina had a confrontation with representative from Asia Saudi Arabia. Among the stars from the land of Tango, Lionel Messi is the player who attracts the most attention. Because not only is he a legendary superstar, but this could be the last World Cup participation in this famous male player’s playing career.

Compared to other men in world football, Messi has an extremely modest height of 1m68. That’s why he is known as one of the “short guys” on the field. But to reach his current height, Messi and his family had to work very hard, every day, because he suffered from a growth hormone disorder since he was a child.

This disease once made Messi short and it is predicted that his height will hardly exceed the threshold of 1m40. Physical health is also seriously affected. This means that without treatment, Messi will not be able to become a professional football player like he is now.

Because of growth restriction, from a young age Messi was shorter than his peers (Messi second from left).

Messi has become an impressive muscular man at present.

But that’s a thing of the past, looking at Messi now, no one can slander or laugh at him about his height anymore. Because even though he is not as tall as expected, he always makes everyone “look up”. He was determined to become a player with a solid, toned body with the most impressive muscles.

Messi’s male body is a worthy result of his training efforts.

As said, treating hormone problems is not the factor that makes Messi’s current success, it’s all thanks to practice. Starting from a lower starting point than his friends, he saw constant bodybuilding as his goal.

Famous players apply 2 training modes: One is to practice increasing instantaneous speed and linear speed. Messi combines a variety of exercises to increase strength such as squatting, jumping rope, jumping over obstacles, sprinting, jogging on the treadmill… These exercises help the “short guy’s” legs. “grass field” is more flexible and durable.

Second is movement in many different directions. Lionel Messi practices kick kicks, cable pulls, weightlifting and jogging for 10 minutes. In addition to heavy exercise, he also participates in yoga classes to help relax his mind and regulate his body.

Although he does not possess outstanding height, if compared to his body, Messi is absolutely not inferior to any male god.

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