Fans Claim “Tax Fraud” as Beyonce, Jay-Z Pay for $200 Million California Mega Mansion Entirely in Cash

Recently it came to light that Beyonce and Jay-Z have bought another mansion in Malibu.

This is their most expensive real estate purchase till now with a whopping deal of 200 million dollars. It is nothing new for the couple to spend on lavish mansions however one thing about the latest purchase seems to have stood out to some people.

Considering the reports that they paid the whole price in cash only has made some people question the situation. People on Twitter have even suggested Tax Fraud by the celebrity couple. But as of now, there is no further information to point out anything as such.

Fans Suggest Tax Fraud Following the News of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Latest Real Estate Purchase

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce And Jay-Z

When it comes to living a lavish life, there is no question that Jay-Z and Beyonce as a couple have it all. With a combined estimated net worth reaching a billion, there is not much that the couple is not able to purchase. And unsurprisingly they bought the most expensive mansion in California that exists at the moment.

The real estate deal was a whopping 200 million dollars and according to TMZ, the whole price was paid in cash. This information has some fans questioning the couple with some even suggesting a possible tax fraud.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce And Jay-Z

An amount that big in cash only brings up the issue naturally. Many took to Twitter to express their response to the news. One wrote,

I don’t know how to explain this but this is very sus.

— Honest Missology (@agraens) May 22, 2023

Despite all this speculation among some fans, there is not much solid information about the issue as of now.

More on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Real Estate Purchases

Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are known for owning big lavish buildings for their residency. One instant is their 88 million dollars Bel-Air mansion which was bought in 2017. The couple invested more in its work and has reportedly pushed the price towards a 100 M dollar mark.

Their most recent purchase in Malibu is an 8-acre bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The mansion is in an area called Paradise Cove which is also nicknamed the Billionaire’s Row (not surprising! For the couple). Reportedly the mega-mansion was slated to be around 300 million dollars therefore Jay-Z and Beyonce seemed to have made a very nice deal with almost 100 million dollars less than the price tag.

It is architected by a Japanese designer Tadao Ando. He has also worked on a mansion which is owned by another celebrity Kanye West in the Malibu region.

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