Fans Think Kendall Jenner Took Selena Gomez To Dubai One NYE JUST SO Hailey Bieber Could Be With Justin!

If you’re anything like us, the Selena Gomez vs. Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber drama has been plastered ALL over your social media pages these days.

The internet sleuths are truly working overtime this week digging up all sorts of throwback videos, pictures, and clues after the models were put on blast for seemingly making fun of the Only Murders in the Building star. What started as just some backlash over a beauty mishap has turned into speculation that Hailey, in particular, has been displaying some cruel mean girl behavior toward the Disney Channel alum for YEARS! And this latest rumor is adding fuel to the fire!

Some fans now believe that Kendall Jenner had a hand in helping Hailey and Justin Bieber spend New Year’s Eve together in 2014. If you’ll recall, Selly G rang in 2015 in Dubai alongside Kendall, Gigi Hadid, and Gigi’s then-boyfriend Cody Simpson.

Selena and Justin had already been on and off again for several years at that point. They first began dating in 2010. After several ups and downs, the Baby singer seemed to confirm things were back on track in August 2014 only for Selena to confirm their breakup in November 2014. Just one month later, Hailey and Justin were all over IG together — right at the holidays — sparking lots of romance rumors. And according to these latest online detectives, this wasn’t an accident.

Rumor has it that the models helped orchestrate a plan to remove the A Year Without Rain artist over the holidays so Hailey could have her moment with Biebz. Just take a look at what the now husband and wife were getting up to at the time:

Meanwhile, Hailey’s biggest competition at the time was halfway across the world. How convenient! LOLz!

Now, not everyone is buying this theory. Some fans have pointed out that the Dubai NYE party was actually a sponsored event. According to DailyMail.com at the time, the young celebs were at a star-studded beach bash thrown by the fashion house Balmain. All three women have had ties to the brand at some point or another. But Kendall and Gigi were definitely the closest with Balmain at that point since in the fall of 2015 they would become the faces of the Balmain x H&M collection — look:

Given this context, there’s definitely a chance Kendall and Gigi invited Selena as their plus-one to help Hailey get what she wanted. Buuuut there’s also just as much of a chance that Selena snagged her own invite. In 2016, there were talks that the brand wanted to tap the pop star as the next face of its campaign. So, maybe Balmain was already trying to cozy up to Selena by bringing her into the fold? It’s possible, especially since Selena also traveled with some of her other (less famous) besties for the NYE getaway:

Surely Kendall wouldn’t have invited them ALL just to help Hailey and JB get together… would she?

All this aside, there’s another BIG reason why fans are so hung up on this Dubai trip. This controversy first hit the internet several months ago when a TikTok creator posted a video breaking down the possible drama, though it’s now just gaining a ton of attention in light of everything else going on. And here’s where things get really CRAY-CRAY!

This week, Kylie reportedly added the video to her “favorites” on the app. So, not only did she see it, but she’s seemingly (albeit cryptically) suggesting there might be some truth to the theory! Why else would she so publicly call attention to it?? It’s definitely sus!

Get caught up on this Dubai scandal (below)!

By the way, as the content creator (above) pointed out, several months ago, there was a Deuxmoi blind post declaring “famous sisters models” had “drifted apart” from another “supermodel” after not being able to see eye to eye on the kind of “image” they were portraying in the public. The user believes this could’ve been about Gigi and the Kar-Jenners — specifically, they speculated that Gigi wasn’t down for any of the potential mean girl s**t that was going on and therefore didn’t have anything to do with the so-called plot to get Selena to Dubai. So, do with that what you will.

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