Female rapper Nicki Minaj shares her thoughts for the first time about “queen bee” Beyoncé.

Nicki Minaj: ‘I don’t care if Beycone’ doesn’t have any songs in the Top 100′

Recently, on Queen Radio, rap giant

Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts about 
Beyoncé . She mentioned Beyoncé with admiration and love and said that the Halo singer does not need to appear on the music charts to be a trend leader.

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Nicki Minaj loves Beyoncé very much.

Nicki Minaj had kind words for “queen bee” Beyoncé on the radio: “I don’t care if Beyoncé doesn’t have any songs on the Hot 100 chart, because she herself is a wave of her own.” special”.

Previously, Nicki Minaj also expressed her love for Beyoncé many times. She even went to Jay Z and Beyoncé to ask them to be their advisors for her love story with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill: “They enthusiastically shared sincere advice with me. I really love and appreciate them. It must be a great conversation with the people you love and most of all, they are a perfect couple for you to look at and learn from.

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Feeling Myself is a product that both of them worked on together.

Besides, in Queen Radio , Nicki Minaj also revealed that her fifth studio album is being prepared in the final stages and will be released soon this year. Is it possible that with such a close sisterly relationship, will there be a single on Nicki’s album that will feature Beyoncé’s voice?