Hollywood stars have all ‘chosen sides’ in the ‘battle of the century’ Nicki Minaj – Cardi B

The “war” has officially broken out, whose side are you on among these two famous female rappers?

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Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B, which side are you on?

Nicki Minaj’s faction: large and battle-hardened but…
not very unanimous!

Current rap queen Nicki Minaj certainly still has the hidden power to gain a lot of support from her colleagues. Those who are currently in her ‘anti-Cardi B’ army include many big names such as: Lil Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, … and of course her close friend Ariana Grande is standing behind her.

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Nicki Minaj is stronger right now because her side has a lot of big names.

To show great support for Nicki, Lil Wayne praised her wholeheartedly in his interview with Billboard. This guy said: “Through recent scandals, I think Nicki Minaj is still firmly on the throne of Hiphop queen. Simply because of who she is, you have to know her like I do to fully understand what I mean. Let’s find out what she has done and what she can do, to understand how much she has had to work hard to be where she is today. Call me too flattering, whatever, but to me she is the queen and will always be the queen.” 


Lil Wayne – a friend and one of Nicki’s biggest supporters ever.

See the interview here.

On the same front line as Nicki, there is also an unexpected name: Jennifer Lopez . Having collaborated with Cardi B in this year’s huge hit Dinero , it is no exaggeration to say that it is thanks to Cardi B that Jlo can now return to the peak of her career after the failure of her previous album. Yet right after the war broke out, Jennifer Lopez completely turned her back on Cardi B and took Nicki Minaj’s side.


Changing hearts so quickly, it can only be Jennifer Lopez

She showed her support by unfollowing Cardi B across social networking sites. Just last month at the 2018 VMAs, this girl was still affectionate with Cardi B to receive the award together. Her sudden change of heart so quickly couldn’t help but surprise many people. Is there still a shady reason behind the relationship between Jlo and Cardi B?

When will we ever work together again like this…


…receiving awards together happily like this and that.

Nicki Minaj’s close friend – Ariana Grande, of course, also sided with her friend in this tense battle. Friends must always be together and fight the enemy together to be good friends. Ariana Grande is truly such good friends with Nicki Minaj when her appearance with Nicki Minaj at this year’s VMAs was also so affectionate.


The moment Ariana Grande lifted her dress for her friend to go up to the podium to receive an award.

And even better, the cameras of the fans present that night secretly filmed the moment Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande were whispering loudly, looking like two close friends talking bad about someone. Many people guess that there are only two people that these two girls can flirt with so much. The first person is Travis Scott, the other is none other than Cardi B.


Best friends are when you go out with someone to talk bad about the person you hate.

There are two more names on Nicki Minaj’s list of close friends who are also on this girl’s side. That is the most powerful couple in the European and American music industry today: JayZ and Beyonce . This time, the couple seems to have broken the familiar image of not caring about other people’s affairs to stand completely on Nicki Minaj’s side.

Another close friend of Nicki Minaj is on her side.

Beyonce didn’t shout or show any attitude throughout the incident, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about it. During the ongoing On The Run II tour , Queen Bey used Nicki Minaj’s face to show on the big screen. In addition, this girl even posted that photo on her own website as a gentle declaration that in this battle she was on Nicki’s side.


Close friends probably support Nicki Minaj to the end.

In addition to the names above, there are a few other names that also support Nicki Minaj such as: Chance The Rapper, Drake, Eminem ,… All of them are on the side of this queen, the common point is that they are all men. big boss in the music industry, imagine the big war that will really happen. How terrible can it be?

Cardi B faction: a bit weak, but everyone… has
a huge hatred for Nicki Minaj!

Cardi B’s side is probably a bit weaker than her older sister’s side. Not knowing how weak she was, how could this girl win against that fierce older sister…

The person who supports Cardi B the most is Lil Kim and no one else.

Lil Kim – a former enemy of Nicki Minaj – is also on this front line and is definitely on the side of his student Cardi B. It can be clearly seen that Lil Kim is using all her abilities and power to teach Cardi B, helping her little student become mature enough to overthrow Nicki’s throne. . As a revenge for the pain of last year, this overthrow plan is probably following the exact path of Lil Kim’s plan. Even if you have ever been curious to learn about the details of the war between Lil Kim and Nicki in the past, you will feel suspicious that the current battle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is no different from recreating the most realistic step by step of that battle.

Diss track (twisted hook song) every year Lil Kim dedicated to Nicki Minaj

Many people joked that surely in this battle, the happiest and most excited person is neither Nicki nor Cardi. The person who is the most happy and joyful is Lil Kim, there’s no turning back.

Hiphop fans continuously spam this gif as they imagine Lil Kim’s current feelings.

If Jennifer Lopez is a surprising factor on Nicki’s side, then Cardi B’s side also has a surprising factor. That was Christina Aguilera – the unlucky person whose focus was overshadowed by the brawl on the red carpet.

Christina Aguilera’s Fighter is very fiery, and it must have been so fiery that it was chosen as the ‘background music’ for Cardi B – Nicki Minaj’s fight.

Right after Christina finished performing, she immediately rushed down to see what the fuss was about outside, after hearing the sisters recount the whole incident. Xtina complimented Cardi B like this: “That girl is so cool”

Backstage when Christina sat and listened to the fight.

The reason why Christina Aguilera is a surprise factor is because, Christina used to have a very good relationship with Nicki Minaj. It was Xtina who paved the way for Nicki Minaj’s career through their collaboration song Woohoo. Nicki also has a lot of respect for Christina. When they meet, they always run over to take pictures together. Yet when it comes to choosing a side, Christina chooses Cardi B’s side. Maybe it’s because Cardi B reminds Christina of her ‘tiger’ days?

6 years ago it was still like this.

There is one surprising thing in common: the people on Cardi B’s side seem to be full of fiery faces, big ears and somewhat fond of using force. Typically the two names above. In addition, Cardi B’s side also has the backing of Missy Elliott and Atlantic Records.


The war is about to break out between the two current hot ladies of the rap industry: rap queen Nicki Minaj and bright rookie Cardi B. Hollywood stars are all starting to choose sides to support. So whose side will you choose to side with? Let’s quickly choose and wait for the progress of the battle.