Hot: discovered that Ronaldo had an affair with “one night stand” Kendall Jenner, he is truly a guy in love with an amorous girl

Ronaldo was matched with long-legged Kendall Jenner by the super beautiful butt, Kim Kardashian – Kendall’s half-sister and former CR7’s “one-night stand”.


Ronaldo was matched with long-legged Kendall Jenner by the super beautiful butt, Kim Kardashian – Kendall’s half-sister and former CR7’s “one-night stand”.


Kendall Jenner is increasingly becoming a bright face in showbiz, not only in the US. This 20-year-old model is famous in both fashion and television.

Over the past year, Kendall has strode across fashion catwalks in Milan, New York, and Paris, appeared in a series of famous magazines and joined the prestigious model team of the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret .


This relationship was arranged by Kim Super Round 3, C.R7’s former “one night stand”. 

Ranked 16th on the list of supermodels with the highest income in 2015 (with an income of 4 million USD/year) published by Forbes magazine, Kendall has escaped the label of “Kim’s half-sister”. super round 3″.

The name Kendall Jenner is even “hotter” when it is associated with Cristiano Ronaldo. America’s leading entertainment news site,, revealed that Kendall is being matched with CR7 by her sister Kim Kardashian. This matchmaking story started on the sidelines of Jennifer Lopez’s concert.


 Kendall Jenner is a famous model

Luckily, on the occasion of her 47th birthday, J.Lo just held her own music night in Las Vegas. Both CR7 and super round 3 Kim went to see this music night. Even though he is recovering from injury, CR7 still “plays” hard and does not forget his girlfriend. CR7 quickly “caught” with Kim.

A source from revealed: “Kim was completely convinced by Cristiano’s gallantry and sweetness at J.Lo’s concert. Not to mention, Cristiano still maintains his charming style. So Kim feels that Cristiano is a perfect match for Kendall. Kim feels that Kendall and Cristiano are truly an ideal couple. So Kim asked to be a matchmaker to bridge the love between Kendall and Cristiano.”


 She possesses a beautiful body that always makes men desire her

Kendall and CR7 are truly a match in appearance and reputation. In addition, fans are commenting that this talented and beautiful couple is a good match in terms of love. It is difficult to count all the beauties who have passed through CR7’s life. As for Kendall, although she is only 20 years old, she is extremely experienced in love.

Famous singers like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles have all been rumored to be secretly dating Kendall. As for sports stars, Kendall has also dated basketball player Jordan Clarkson, F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton and striker Neymar.


The story of Ms. Kim setting up a match with her half-sister for CR7 would not have caused such a stir, if it weren’t for the fact that this super-busty beauty had a one-night stand with CR7. The story of CR7 flirting with Kim took place in April 2010.


 Kendall and CR7 are truly a match in appearance and reputation

Back then, people were buzzing about CR7 and Kim locking lips on the street, then Kim kept quiet and disappeared into CR7’s super villa in Madrid. 6 years have passed, and the two sides no longer have any problems with each other.


 Like C.R7, she is also a lover

Now Kim has become “someone’s wife”. She is married to rapper Kanye West and has two children with him. Meeting again at J.Lo’s concert, Kim and CR7 no longer reminisced about their old love . But the fact that Kim set up a matchmaker for CR7 and his sister made everyone very surprised.


 Kendall ranked 16th on the list of highest-paid supermodels in 2015

Actually, Kendall has caught CR7’s eye for quite a long time. In January this year, CR7 was discovered “suddenly liking Kendall’s selfies on Instagram”. But after that flirting, the Portuguese superstar has not directly “sought” Kendall. This time CR7 has Ms. Kim as their matchmaker, perhaps things will be different.

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