How Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s zodiac signs helped them build their empire

When it comes to power couples of the modern era, there are few that can stand beside the iconic duo of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Brilliantly talented, expertly branded and united in a conquest to take over the world, the two have tapped into the collective unconscious to present themselves as the quintessential archetypes of royalty, power and grace.

There is something mysterious — almost magical — about the two. Are they just brilliant entertainers who worked hard to prove to the world that they could end up on top? Or is there something else at work here — cosmic, even? And what of all the drama that happened in years past, leading some even to suspect divorce was eminent?

With a career empire on both ends that seems to be unstoppable, let’s take a peek at what’s really going on here.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have strong cosmic chemistry.
Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP

Jay-Z’s birth chart shows he’s a visionary

Jay-Z (originally Shawn Corey Carter) was born on Dec. 4, 1969. He is a Sagittarius Sun with a Libra Moon. We don’t have his accurate birth time listed online, so until I end up bumping into him (it will happen), let’s forego his Ascendant until then.

The first impression I get from his natal chart is that this is a man who has the ability to think and work like a genius. He is a master of thought and communication. His birth chart is predominantly composed of elemental Air, which heightens his ability to process, connect and strategize. However, the higher level of elemental Air is not just being an intellectual, but in understanding the complex levels of how the universe and the world works. This clarity of vision aids him in understanding people, industries and creativity on a basic — and grand — level. His intuition is extremely heightened, too, so being able to blend cognitive information with emotion and perception are what set him up to outmaneuver and plan light-years before others even can catch up.

The next thing I note about him is that his planets reveal that: Yes, he is especially fiery and has a bold nature that can at times manifest as restless energy if he is still for too long. He is drawn to experimentation and feeds off of understanding things outside of the box: in lifestyle, beliefs, and even venturing into new realms of thought that people wouldn’t even consider. This is a man who courageously pioneers where he wants to go and knows how to harness his wisdom to strike exactly when he needs for whatever he desires.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a very rare astrological connection.

Beyoncé’s birth chart shows she was born for power

Beyoncé Knowles was born on Sept. 4, 1981. She is Virgo Sun with a Scorpio Moon. Her birth time isn’t listed online, so we can’t authentically assess her Ascendant. Perhaps the stars will align and one of her pals will pass along my info to her to tell her to book a reading with me. (Hint hint — you know who you are.)

Her birth chart is also composed of a significant amount of elemental Air, increasing her intellectual and mental abilities. In that regard, she was a natural-born leader who has immense resources of wisdom from which she can always draw upon, almost intuitively. This allows her to structure her plans around being a boss and manifesting her goals precisely and victoriously every single time. Her immense attention to detail sets her apart from so many others, as she also — just like her husband — can assess the nuances as well as overall picture at all times. In that regard, this makes her a master when it comes to money, working with the public and recognizing how to use her power for the betterment of society.

Beyond that, though, there are some fascinating insights I’ve found about her. First off, she definitely has had some pretty traumatic events that happened to her, likely when she was much younger, but she has used those as a catalyst for change. This allows her to first transform herself and then imagine how to take that vision and also change the world around her. She has such deep empathy for people — as well as a high code of ethics and ideals. Furthermore, the way that her planets link — especially her Venus and Pluto — showcase her magnetic personality. She seeks to break through barriers within relationships at all times, which can make her extremely intense. She can be a bit rigid in her ways, as well as obsessive — especially around her relationships, vision and work ethic. But more often than not this has been internalized and driven her harder rather than being unleashed on other people. That is true power: vision that is alchemized into unrelenting action.

The Carter-Knowles family is building an empire.
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Are Jay-Z and Beyoncé compatible?

TBH: I have never seen the kind of compatibility that Jay-Z and Beyoncé possess — and that’s probably why we only have one of them! Their connection is so special, it is like imagining that you have half of a puzzle — and it’s beautiful and magnificent all on its own thus far. But by finding the missing pieces, it completes the image and, finally, it is whole — more brilliant and stunning than you ever could have even believed it’d be. Their birth charts overlay in such a rare fashion; no wonder when they met they knew they could take over the world — and have! Their compatibility rating is 9/10. Here’s why.

Many of their planets link exactly with the other partner’s planets exactly. For instance, let’s use each of their Venuses as an example. His Venus and her Venus both link with the other person’s Mars. Both ways. The same happens with his Mars and her Mars also aligning with the other’s Neptune. Both ways. And this pattern happens over and over and over again. My mind is blown. I envy this and 100% want to find this someday. So if you’re single, awesome, not crazy and have your shit together, I’m now taking dating applications!

Their levels of communication and mental understanding is unparalleled. They click on such a deep cognitive level. Their feelings, thoughts and instincts are communicated easily and they are excited and motivated by one another’s ideas. They also share an enthusiasm for the same interests. Beyond that, though, because of how their Mercurys and Plutos connect, they both have a strong urge to explore the unknown together, perhaps through the esoteric, and activate one another’s perception. They also share a psychic connection — and if you’ve ever shared thoughts with someone (I have, many times) it is like a whole intense telepathic rapport that you can’t replicate elsewhere.

HOWEVER, let us not forget all of the drama that led up to Beyoncé’s wild “Lemonade” album just five years ago. Jay-Z’s alleged cheating — which was covered a lot and which permeated social media — was a big part of their public life and music (divorce rumors abounded back in 2014, so cringe). So if they’re so perfectly aligned, where’d that come from?

Well, as I always say, all relationships go through ups and downs — and even the most cosmically blessed can have rocky patches.

Beyoncé displays two 2017 Grammy Awards she received for work on her album “Lemonade.”

And here’s the astrolo-tea: Their Sun signs are in an exact degree of conflict with each other. That can create intense friction at times because they’re both chariots ready to parade on their own conquest, and sometimes that means they just will never see eye-to-eye. Jay-Z is a Sagittarius, thriving on freedom and cannot be chained. He hungers for danger and spontaneity and excitement, which is exactly why he can clash with Beyoncé. She is a Virgo who is grounded, calculating and loyal to her dying day. This clash reveals that if they didn’t have so much in their charts going for them, they’d wind up meeting in a furious battle — and end up going their separate ways.

Despite that, though, this level of tension can also magnetically draw people together and help them to understand that, sure, they can rule alone, or else they can go so much farther and rule together if they each find a way to communicate — which, as I said before, is their greatest attribute. They both sense that together they are a part of a much higher purpose, where they can create societal change while also building major economic gain. So even if Beyoncé has a meltdown about his reportedly wandering eye, she is smart enough to know that they can work through it, relate to “the common man,” and laugh their way to the bank. She is so brilliant — I love her!

Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy Carter present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to honoree Beyoncé at the 2014 Video Music Awards.
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From their charts, there’s a sense that Jay-Z helped to focus Beyoncé throughout their relationship. While that could be looked at as somewhat controlling or restrictive behavior, it also helps them to operate as business partners and brings strong discipline to manifest their goals. Oh! And wealth and living life big? Yup, they have that, too, with Jupiter and Saturn adding luck and strength to their union, too.

But it isn’t just about physical abundance: It’s about being spiritually rich for the two of them, too, as well as bringing their compassionate energy to connect in a mystical sense to the divine, drawing it into them and then creating art, film and music.

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