“I felt quite vulnerable after it”: Angelina Jolie Went into Panick Mode After Realising She Exposed Too Much to Fans in Her Movie ‘Gia’

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the top celebrities in the Hollywood industry.

Apart from her glamorous life onscreen, she has also dedicated her life to doing humanitarian work. The fans beloved star started off her career at the very early age of 16. Even before commencing acting, she was a model who did some music videos and proceeded to do some low-budget films.

She also played the lead role in a modeling film named Gia. But after she got a lot of fame through it, her drug addict video in the 90s went viral on the internet. Was it the case of real-life imitating art? yes obviously as even the film Gia sees Carangi taking drugs after reaching the top of her modeling career.

Angelina Jolie Thought Of Quitting Acting Twice

Angelina Jolie in Gia
Angelina Jolie in Gia

Gia was like a breakthrough film in Jolie’s career, that gave her immense fame. While fans dreamt of what movie she will do next, Jolie’s mind wanted to quit acting seeing the rise in her popularity. She had vulnerable thoughts that she have exposed a lot to the audience already. The Marvel actress wasn’t confident if she could put more on the table.

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“I just didn’t know if I had much more to offer because I had to learn about life more. I needed to kind of grow up and feel like I had more to put out there. And I was just feeling very vulnerable.”

Even after having negative thoughts about her stardom post-Gia, she continued to think of quitting. But her self-doubt was wrong, as she soon ended up becoming one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. Apart from acting, she also has explored the behind-the-scenes world of directing.

Angelina Jolie Could Relate To The Story Of Gia

Gia, a movie directed by Michael Cristofer was based on the story of a supermodel who couldn’t handle the pressure of her rising career. To escape from all the stress, she takes the support of heroin and drugs. The movie starred Angelina Jolie in the lead role of Gia Carangi. Initially, Jolie thought of not doing the film as she had many reasons.

”I didn’t trust that they would deal with drugs and AIDS in the right way. I was worried that they were going to make it a pretty story.”

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

The Maleficent actress could relate to the story of the character as she has been through it as well. She opened up about how she was told to change things about her body and she felt terrible about it.

“I tried modeling when I was 14 and failed miserably. Like Gia, I was a bit of a dirty punk, but it was interesting to clean up and start feeling like a girl. I was told I had all these problems I needed to fix. I was told to lose weight, and I was thin already. They actually put me in a room in a bathing suit and measured every part of me. I felt terrible.”

But later her trust was restored in doing the film as the director cleared all her concerns and doubts beforehand.

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