“I would go harder”: Channing Tatum Challenged Jennifer Lopez To a Strip-off, Claimed He’d “Take it to JLo’s front door” To Beat Her

When it comes to dancing and stripping in movies, there is no denying that Channing Tatum is the best.

Well, all thanks to his pre-fame teenage years as an exotic dancer, which not only paid off well but also inspired him for the Magic Mike franchise. However, taking some authority on the subject, Tatum voiced his opinions on being the best.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Claiming to be a better stripper than Hustlers’ Jennifer Lopez, Channing Tatum argued his position in the industry. Reflecting upon his initial years as a trained dancer at clubs in Tampa, Florida, Tatum championed his stripper prowess while participating in a Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector episode.

Channing Tatum Publicized Himself As The Best Dancer 

The Hollywood A-lister, Channing Tatum, who spent most of his young days in exotic clubs as a dancer, turned out to be the perfect choice for the Magic Mike franchise.

Thus, rising to fame with his comedy-drama film, Tatum participated in Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector episode, early on this year.

Channing Tatum and co. in Magic Mike's Last Dance

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike movies

Putting his stripper prowess on display and reflecting upon his initial days as an exotic dancer, Tatum championed himself over his Hollywood competitors.

During the episode, when he was questioned if he was a better stripper than his Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello, the 43-year-old addressed himself to be better, without hesitation.

Joe Manganiello is one of the bodies that like pops up because he’s just, he’s kind of weirdly flawless. But as far as stripping goes, I would put myself, I would put myself above him dance-wise.”

Joe Manganiello

Tatum claimed to be a better dancer than Joe Manganiello

Although he complimented Manganiello’s Greek god-like physique, Channing Tatum publicized himself as a better dancer.

Claiming how his stripper background allowed him to perfect his moves, the 43-year-old mentioned his appealing techniques helped the Magic Mike franchise score a massive box office and critical success.

Channing Tatum Claimed To Be Superior To Jennifer Lopez 

After engraving himself on top of the champion’s list, the conversation with Channing Tatum took a different route as the Magic Mike franchise was compared to Hustlers, another stripper-themed film, featuring Jennifer Lopez.

Although both films earned tremendous commercial success, Tatum was not willing to give up on his self-proclaimed championship.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum publicized himself as the best dancer

Despite both Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lopez starting off in Hollywood as background dancers, Tatum stood his ground and claimed his stripping skills were superior to Jennifer Lopez’s.

Further escalating the conversation as to who would win in a strip-off, Tatum refused to deter from his claims of being superior to Lopez.

Am I a better stripper than her? I’m gonna say, yeah. I would go harder if I was stripping against her. I’m just saying, I’m gonna take it to J. Lo’s front door.”

Channing Tatum thinks he can do better strip-off than Jennifer Lopez

Tatum believes he can strip off better than Jennifer Lopez

Remaining stern in his claims, Channing Tatum mentioned how he would put his best foot forward if he were to compete with Jennifer Lopez.

Although he believes his success might depend on the audiences, Tatum claimed to have a better winning chance and outperform Lopez.

Magic Mike movies are currently streaming on Max.

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