Inside Beyoncé’s $500million fortune – from a $600,000 rocking horse for Blue Ivy to a $60million Netflix documentary

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is one of the most successful and profitable artists of all time.

Beyonce at the LA Premiere of ‘The Harder They Fall’ in 2020

Beyonce at the LA Premiere of ‘The Harder They Fall’ in 2020

As a singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold.

In this installment of our Celeb Riches series, we break down how the 40-year-old megastar has built her wealth and profile.

It comes as Beyonce finally released her Renaissance album today, July 28.

How rich is Beyoncé?

Beyoncé is reportedly worth $500million, according to Celebrity Net Worth (CNW).

Since 2007, Beyoncé has earned an average of $63million annually, including 2014 and 2017 when she raked in upwards of $100million.

Along with her husband Jay-Z – who is worth $1.4billion himself – Beyoncé makes up half of one of the most powerful and prominent couples in the world.

The duo surpassed a combined worth of $1million in 2014, and have virtually doubled their joint wealth since.

How did she make her money? 

From her beginnings with Destiny’s Child in the 1990s, Beyoncé has been a record-selling machine.

The girl group sold around 60million albums, and Queen Bey herself has sold more than 120million since debuting as a solo artist in 2003.

In 2016, Lemonade was the best-selling album worldwide.

On top of album sales, Beyoncé also headlined two of the highest-grossing tours of all time: her own Formation tour after releasing Lemonade and her joint On the Run II tour with Jay-Z.

And she parlayed her landmark Coachella performance into an eight-figure contract with Netflix.

After becoming the first black woman to headline the festival in 2018, Bey inked a $60million deal with the streaming service to produce a documentary on the performance.

Both her performance at Coachella and the documentary, Homecoming, garnered widespread critical acclaim.

Beyonce performing at Coachella in 2018

Beyonce performing at Coachella in 2018

Her stardom also opened the door for acting opportunities.

In 2002 she made her theatrical film debut in Austin Powers in Goldmember and earned $3million while proving she was also a bankable movie star.

Since she first graced the silver screen, Beyoncé’s fee has only gone up.

In 2019’s Lion King reboot, Bey earned $25million for voicing Nala – roughly half a million per line of dialogue, according to Cheat Sheet.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z also both had “significant equity” in Tidal, the streaming service Jay bought in 2015 for $56million and sold for more than $300million in 2021, The Post reported.

Other brand deals

In addition to her talent, much of Beyoncé’s success and prominence has come from her ability to partner with and promote brands.

She closed a $50million deal with PepsiCo in 2012 which included a Super Bowl commercial and limited-edition Beyoncé soda cans.

In the past, she’s also signed endorsement deals with Loreal Paris, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, H&M, American Express, and Nintendo.

Not just satisfied to promote products for others, Bey launched her own fashion line, Ivy Park, in 2016.


One of Beyoncé’s most successful ventures has been her perfume line.

The star rolled out her first fragrance in 2010 and now has 14 scents under her line, according to Complex.

The endeavor immediately set a successful tone when her first perfume, Heat, broke a Macy’s record with more than $75,000 in sales in a single day.

By the end of 2013, Beyoncé’s fragrance line had generated more than $400million in sales worldwide.

Real estate

Beyoncé owns real estate across the country, and she and Jay-Z have brought in a lot of money from selling homes.

StreetEasy offered a glimpse into the couple’s “real estate empire,” including a $9.3million Miami mansion they sold in 2010 and an NYC condo Beyoncé bought for $5million in 2003 and sold for just under $10milion.

They made headlines in 2017 when they bought an $88million Bel Air mansion, reportedly the most expensive home sold in Los Angeles that year.

A look inside Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Bel Air home

A look inside Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bel Air home

How does Beyoncé spend her money? 

Since their marriage in 2008, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have built an impressive car collection.

The couple owns more than $13million worth of automobiles, including an $8 million 2004 Maybach Exelero.

Bey gave her husband a $2milion Bugatti Veyron Grand for his 41st birthday in 2020.

Jay-Z and Beyonce with their Alfa Romeo Spider

Jay-Z and Beyonce with their Alfa Romeo SpiderCredit: Instagram/Beyonce

And the big-ticket vehicle expenses aren’t limited to cars for the family.

In 2012, Beyoncé dropped $40million on a Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet as a Father’s Day gift.

According to Business Insider, Beyoncé also buys jewelry from Jacob the Jeweler, which sells fine watches and jewels for anywhere from $200,000 to $1million.

In addition to gifts for each other, Bey and Jay spare no expense for their children, 10-year-old Blue Ivy and 4-year-old twins Sir and Rumi.

The couple reportedly bought matching $106,000 cribs for the twins in 2017, but few of Rumi and Sir’s presents have been publicized.

Blue Ivy received a Barbie doll decorated with real diamonds worth $80,000 for her first birthday, according to The Richest.

Business Insider reported that Beyoncé and Jay-Z paid $600,000 in 2012 to give their eldest child a solid gold rocking horse, and that may not be the only half-million-dollar gift she’s received.

After the 2021 Grammy Awards, Blue Ivy was photographed celebrating her first award and wearing a gold and jewel-studded crown.

Blue Ivy’s crown bore a striking resemblance to a crown owned by Biggie Smalls, which sold for $594,750 at auction in September 2020.

Rumors swirled online that Beyonce and Jay-Z had placed the winning bid, hip hop magazine XXL reported.

However, it’s unconfirmed if Blue’s crown is truly Biggie’s iconic headpiece.

Throughout her career, Beyoncé has also built a reputation for philanthropy.

Some of her most notable donations include a $6million investment toward Covid-19 relief during the early months of the pandemic, and when she donated the $4million she earned from the film Cadillac Records to a drug rehabilitation center.

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And take a look inside Pete Davidson’s $10million fortune that he’s amassed in less than a decade as a professional comedian.

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