Jay Z admits his marriage to Beyonce isn’t exactly real

After releasing the song “4:44” about adultery, Jay-Z continued to post about his and Beyonce’s relationship not entirely based on love.

Recently, with the purpose of promoting his 13th studio album –  4:44 , 

Jay-Z continuously exposed his dark side to fans. 

In a short documentary accompanying his album  4:44 , the 47-year-old rapper opens up about his nine-year marriage to diva Beyonce and the ups and downs they faced in the public eye.

” This is my real life. We built a beautiful castle together, based on a relationship that was not 100% true. And unfortunately it has begun to crack, ” Jay-Z admitted.

The most powerful couple in the world of music, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Photo: AFP/Getty Images. 
However, Jay-Z said he still tries and has to fight to protect their relationship even though it is not completely built on love. The music producer said the collapse of his and his wife’s marriage is starting to happen and the public can see it. 

” It was one of the biggest challenges of my life. Then we decided to throw it all away and start over. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Jay-Z shared . .

The newly released 4:44  can be said to be the album that shows Jay Z’s most honest emotions. It is worth mentioning that in the songs on the album such as  4:44, Smile, Kill Jay-Z , he all told personal stories. The song’s lyrics range from conflicts with Kanye West, an affair with his wife to the fact that his mother is gay. 

The couple has been together for 9 years and has four children. Photo: AFP/Getty Images. 
During their years together, the world-talented rapper was repeatedly entangled in suspicions of having an affair with singer Mya, dating 
 , and rumors of having a child with a porn star. Many people believe that the rapper uses his private life to sell albums to make money, but others believe that Jay-Z finally dared to face the scandals that have surrounded him for many years. 

In the title song  4:44,  Jay Z admitted that he had betrayed his wife and apologized to her for his promiscuity by writing: ” I’m sorry, for being promiscuous. It took a long time for me to let “I don’t deserve to have you. And if my children knew, I don’t know what I would do. If they no longer looked at me with respect, I would probably die of shame. “

Jay-Z and Beyonce may be acting in a love drama, but their success in music after their marriage is undeniable. Photo: AFP/Getty Images. 
“The most powerful star couple in the music industry” has many times been on the brink of collapse with a series of unpleasant truths. But for some reason, possibly stemming from intense love but also possibly from calculations about fame and money, Jay-Z and Beyonce have never once announced their separation.